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CUBA 1958

Just as Copernicus once kicked the earth out of the center of the universe, Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Cuban music have brought us closer to the center of the cosmos.
Cuba in the 1950s: Rumba, Conga, Danzon, Guaracha, Mambo, Cha-Cha-Cha, Charanga, Batanga, Guaguanco, Son, Montuno, Guajira, Afro, Pregón, Bembo, Bembe, Descarga, Seis Chorreao, Bolero .. Everything in motion, sometimes a big stage, sometimes a backyard ritual, at the same time rooted in the traditions of Africa and a futuristic trans-national dance floor. Music for adults, inspiration of all subsequent pop music experiments and theoretical expositions in all parts of the world.

I hope you like this hour with gems from my collection of Cuban vinyls.

ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, Sunday, October 07, 2018 on ORANGE 94.0, 14:00-14:57 CET live stream

(1) Abelardo Barroso y La Orquesta Sensacion; UN BRUJO EN GUANABACOA (Hermenegildo Cadenas) (02:56); 7″ Puchito 45-271-A, G8-OW-4574

(2) Septeto La Playa; GOZA MI TROMPETA (02:13); 7″ Puchito 478-A. On 12″ album “Descarga Cubana” (Puchito SP 109) credited by Septeto De La Playa Y Sonny Rossi.

(3) Beny Moré; PACHITO ECHE (Alejandro Tovar) (03:28); album: Magia Antillana; con Orq Perez Prado, RCA Victor MKL-1123 (1958)

(4) Antobal’s Cuban All-Stars CUBAN CABERS (ESTE E’ MI MAMBO) (Peruchin) (02:45); album: Ay Caramba! London Rec LL 3056. Arranger: Peruchin (1958)

(5) Bebo Valdés y su Orquesta; DILE A CATALINA (Arsenio Rodriguez) (02:46; album: Los Mejores Musicos de Cuba – Instrumental Bailable Gema LPG-1124 (1958)

(6) Chapottin Y Sus Estrellas; LECHON Y BACHATA (Luis Martinez Griñán) (02:54): 7″ Maype US-1048-A. Canta: Miguel Cuní (1958)

(7) Conjunto Casino; SANCOCHO E’GUESITO (02:51); album: Dance Music of Cuba Vol. 1, Panart LP 3020

(8) Orquesta Riverside; LO VERAS .. ALLA TU (Gilberto Ramirez) (02:49); 7″ Alce 64-006 A. Canta: Tito Gomez

(9) Cachao y su Orquesta; A BUSCAR CAMARONES (03:16); 7″ Maype 1117-A

(10) Senen Suarez; BATAKUN (Maño López) (02:53); Los Mejores Musicos de Cuba – Instrumental Bailable Gema LPG-1124 (1958)

(11) Celia Cruz & La Sonora Matancera; MATIAGUA (Jesús y Rogelio Martínez) (02:55); Release date 1953; album: Canciones Premiadas, Seeco, SCLP-9215 (1961)

(12) Grupo Afro-Cubano de Alberto Zayas (Hi-Fi Cuban Drums); YENGUELE MARIA (03:16); album: Hi-Fi Cuban Drums, Captiol T10141. RE of “Afro-Frenetic Tambores De Cuba” Panart LP-3053

(13) Conjunto Luis Santi; MAMBO INFIERNO (Piloto y Vera) (03:13); album: Dance Music of Cuba Vol. 1, Panart LP 3020

(14) Rolando Aguilo y su orquesta; SE PONE SABROSO (Pedro Justiz) (02:42); album: Se Pone Sabroso, Puchito SP-120

(15) Cachao y su Orquesta; CRIOLLA CARABALI (G. Cardello) (03:12); 7″ Maype 1117-B


(16) Septeto La Playa; DESCARGA CUBANA (M. A. Estivil) (01:42); 7″ Puchito 478-B. On 12″ album “Descarga Cubana” (Puchito SP 109) credited by Septeto De La Playa Y Sonny Rossi.

(17) Orchestra Julio Gutiérrez; CHA CHA CHA BAR (Julio Collazo, Julio Gutierrez, Osvaldo Estivill) (02:56); Music Of Cuba Vol. 1, Panart LP-3003 (1955)

(18) Beny Moré; YIRI YIRI BOM (Silvestre Mendez) (02:15); 7″ RCA con Orq. Rafael de Paz, RCA

(19) Riverside Orchestra; SAX CANTABILE (02:39); album: Music Of Cuba Vol. 1, Panart LP-3003 (1955)

(20) Conjunto de Yeyo y Cano; MIGUEL (R. Cabrera); (03:05); album: Carnaval de Ritmos, Discos Sagard DSP-104



Ach’s Sunday Suit | Alexander Ach Schuhs Sonntagsanzug

Irgendwie ist der Sonntag Nachmittag Jazz. Ein weit aus dem Alltag herausgehobener Ort, eine weit unter die Haut gehende Zeit. Wenn wir uns in der Nähe einer Musik spüren, die perfekt ist, wenn wir uns in der Nähe einer Musik spüren, die uns zu zusammenbringt, auch wenn wir nicht in einem Raum sind, dann ist es Sonntag.

ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, Sunday, September 16, 2018 on ORANGE 94.0, 14:00-14:57 CET live stream

(1) Sam Rivers; EUTERPE (Sam Rivers) (11:45); 1965, album: Contours. Label: Blue Note BST-42206. Freddie Hubbard (trumpet), Sam Rivers (tenor sax, soprano sax, and flute), Herbie Hancock (piano), Ron Carter (bass), Joe Chambers (drums)

(2) The Lightmen Plus One; ON THE ROAD HOME; (08:38); 1971, album: Fancy Pants. Label: Judnell ‎– LP-1002. Re-issued by Now-Again Records ‎– NA 5156 (2018)

(3) Charles Rouse; BITCHIN’ (George Davis) (07:14); 1974, album: Two Is One  Strata East, RE 2018 Everland Jazz 010. George Davis, Paul Metzke (guitar), Azzedin Weston (conga), David Lee (drums), Martin Rivera (bass), Caolo Scott (cello), Chales Rouse (tenor sax).

(4) Bobby Jackson; MODETIQUE (Bobby Jackson) (13:07); 1978, album: Desiree Song. Label: Ninth Note Rec. NNR 0072. RE 2017 Superfly Rec. SRLP028. Bobby Jackson (piano), Bobby Hughes (alto sax), Tony Moreno (drums), Enrique Mercado Reyes (trombone), John Howard (bass).

(5) Elvin Jones; FOR ALL THE OTHER TIMES (Gene Perla) (10:04); 1971, album: Genesis. Label: Blue Note BST 8369. Gene Perla (bass), David Liebman (tenor sax, soprano sax), Joe Farrell (tenor sax, soprano sax), Frank Foster (tenor sax, alto flute), Elvin Jones (drums)

(6) Stone Alliance feat. Marcio Montarroyo; RUA DA BOA HORA (Márcio Montarroyo) (04:45); album: Stone Alliance feat. Marcio Montarroyo. Label: PM Records PMR-014  (1977)
Don Alias (congas, drums, gutar, vocals), Erasto De Holanda Vasconcelos (perc.), Gene Perla (bass, electric piano, sythesizer, keyboards), Steve Grossman (soprano, tenor sax), Marcio Montarroyos (trumpet, flugelhorn, synthesizer, vocals)

(7) The Contemporary Jazz Quintet; TAO (Ken Cox) (11:14); album: Location. Label: Strata East SRI 1001-73, RE 2018 BBE 430ACD. (1973)
Ron Brooks (bass), Ken Cox (electric piano, piano), Ron English (guitar), Charles Eubanks (electric piano), Leon Henderson (soprano, tenor sax), Charles Moor (flugelhorn, trumpet, perc), Bud Spangler, Dan Spencer (drums)

(8) Charles Tolliver; PEACE WITH MYSELF (Charles Tolliver) (09:34); rec. 1968, album: Paper Man; Arista Rec 1002 (released 1975).
Charles Tolliver (trumpet), Herbie Hancock (piano), Ron Carter (bass), Joe Chambers (drums)

(9) The Contemporary Jazz Quintet; NOH WORD (Charles Moor) (02:02); album: Location. Label: Strata East SRI 1001-73, RE 2018 BBE 430ACD. (1973)
Ron Brooks (bass), Ken Cox (e piano, piano), Ron English (guitar), Charles Eubanks (e piano), Leon Henderson (soprano, tenor sax), Charles Moor (flugelhorn, trumpet, perc), Bud Spangler, Dan Spencer (dr)



Ach’s Sunday Suit | Alexander Ach Schuhs Sonntagsanzug
Sunday Afternoon Freestyle Mix

Alexander Ach Schuh’s deluxe selection of jazz, rare grooves, and Afro Caribbean calls.

ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, Sunday, July 15, 2018 on ORANGE 94.0, 14:00-14:57 CET live stream


(1) Kenji Omura; BAMBOO BONG (Kenji Omura) (02:59); album: Kenji Shock, Alfa ALR 6010 (1978)


(2) Dianne Reeves; MY FUNNY VALENTINE (Rodgers and Hart) (06:35); album: Welcome to My Love, Palo Alto Jazz Records PA 8926 (1982)


(3) Julio Gutierrez and his Charanga All-Stars; CLOSE ENCOUNTERS (OF A LATIN KIND) (John Williams) (03:26); album: Close Encounters of the Latin Kind, Neon NLP-102 (1978)


(4) Max Labor; TWILIGHT MODALITY (04:22); album: Mamma Says, Frederick 7 Records FR 11875 (1984)


(5) La Mecanica Popular; OFRENDA (Efraín Rozas) (06:49); album: Roza Cruz, Names You Can Trus NYCT-LP03. (2018) Efraín Rozas – Rhodes Piano & Guitar, Felipe Wurst – Guitar, Guillermo Barrón – Congas, Joel Mateo – Timbales, Dan Martínez – Bass.


(6) Bobby Hutcherson; BOTH WORLDS (Bobby Hutcherson) (06:59); album: Ambos Mundos, Landmark Rec LLP-1522 (1989)


(7) Batacumbele; LA PIYE (Angel Maldonado) (05:06); album: Con Un Poco De Songo, Tierrazo Rec TLP-008 (1981)


(8) Karma; WELL (Reggie Andrews) (05:13); album: Celebration Horizon SP-713 (1976)


(9) Tania Maria; POUR TOI (Tania Maria Correa Reis) (06:01); album: Love Explosion, Picante CPJP-230 (1983)

(10) Bongo-Logic; CAST YOUR FATE TO THE WIND (V. Guaraldi) (04:55); album: Cha-Cha-Charanga Rocky-Peak-Rec RP5275 (1988)



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Ach’s Sunday Suit | Alexander Ach Schuhs Sonntagsanzug
Cabo Verde Disco Boogie, Funaná, Coladeira, Morna

Lately some compilations have been released that introduce psychedelic and rare highlights of music from the Central Atlantic archipelago. And indeed, Analog Africa (Space Echo – The Mystery Behind The Cosmic Sound Of Cabo Verde Finally Revealed!) and Ostinato Records (Astro-Atlantic Hypnotica From The Cape Verde Islands 1973-1988) have done a great job. My selection refers to the same time. 13 fantastic tracks from my personal favorites Mendes & Mendes, Chovino Dos Santos and Dany Carvalho among others are featured. They take you off to cosmic sounds well-kept in the soul of Cape Verdean music.
My personal CABO VERDE SHOW is opened by the truly rare track SODADE, TEM PENA D’MIM form Grupo Serenata. Hope you enjoy this vinyl experience of 1970s and 1980s music of Cabo Verde.

Listen now my CABO VERDE SHOW via

ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, Sunday, May 20, 2018 on ORANGE 94.0, 14:00-14:57 CET live stream


(1) Grupo Serenata; SODADE, TEM PENA D’MIM (06:12); album: Camin D’America, TACV LP535 (1987)


(2) Mendes Mendes et O’Asah; DONNA KINGELA (Gérard Mendes) (05:55); album: Donna Kinjela, Labalme SE-306 (1987)


(3) Pedrinho; NHOS BAXA NHOS PANHA (03:07); album: Aleluia, La Do Si Discos 790128 (1978)


(4) Dany Carvalho; PON NA MÓ (Dany Carvalho) (04:53); album: Bem Gosin, D.N. 002. Arranged by Paulino Vieira. (1985)


(5) Mendes & Mendes; SABE MA NHA CRIOLA (03:43); album: Grito Di Bo Fidje – Irmão, Black Power Records 17281


(6) Jovino Dos Santos; VIVA P.A.I. (Jovino Dos Santos) (03:16); 7″ Monte Cara DMC-111-03 A

(7) Dany Carvalho; BEM GOSIN (Dany Carvalho) (05:18); album: Bem Gosin, D.N. 002. Arranged by Paulino Vieira. (1985)

(8) Jovino Dos Santos; NOS VIDA (Jovino Dos Santos) (03:51); 7″ Monte Cara DMC-111-03 B

(9) Pedrinho ; ZE MARIA (03:00); album: Aleluia, La Do Si Discos 790128 (1978)
(10) Mendes Mendes et O’Asah; MPR (Gérard Mendes) (04:18); ablum: Donna Kinjela, Labalme SE-306 (1987)

jovino-dos-santos_cabo-verde-nha-terra_1980_ jovino-dos-santos_compilation_1984_afro-latino-disco_cabo-verde-nha-terra_

(11) Jovino Dos Santos; AFRICA MAMAE (Jovino Dos Santos) (04:09); album: Cabo verde nha terra, JDS 1001 (France 1980), reissued on 1984 by Metro-Som (Portugal)


(12) Pedro Cardoso; MARIA ROSA (Pedro Cardoso) (04:16); album: Pedrin Di Nova, Casa Nova U-1009 (1983)

(13) Dany Carvalho; MARIA (Dany Carvalho) (06:03); ; album: Bem Gosin, D.N. 002. Arranged by Paulino Vieira. (1985)

JLASRS 2018, April 15 – Der Jetlag für Daheimgebliebene

| Jet Lag All Stars Radio Show
| ORF Radio Ö1, | 15.04.2018 | 22:08, Länge: 47:29 min

Blicke durch ungeschützte Überwachungskameras. Im Ö1 Bügelzimmer zappen sich Claudia Siefen, Werner Boote und Alexander Ach Schuh von einer ungesicherten österreichischen Überwachungskamera zur nächsten. Regie: Astrid Schwarz und Rainer Elstner


Über 350 Millionen Schauplätze dieser Welt – öffentliche wie ganz private – werden rund um die Uhr mit Überwachungskameras abgefilmt. Viele dieser Orte sind live und jederzeit für uns im Internet einsehbar. Die Jet Lag All Stars Radio Show schaut dorthin, wo niemand verweilt, dorthin, wo kaum jemand gerne ist und oft auch niemand sein soll. Geschult im Darauf-Schauen worauf niemand schaut, moderieren die Bildexperten und FilmmacherInnen Claudia Siefen und Werner Boote mit Alexander Ach Schuh das Geschehen in Geschäftsstraßen, Parkgaragen, Ladezonen, Hintereingängen und Kantinenküchen. So erleben HörerInnen des Ö1 Kunstsontags den Jetlag im Hier und Jetzt, den Jetlag der Daheimgebliebenen.

Die Jet Lag All Star Radio Show lässt sich dabei Zeit. Im Studio wird versucht zu beschreiben, was man in Überwachungskamera-Live-Streams sieht. Aber es wird auch einfach weitergezappt, also so, wie man im Fernsehen den Kanal wechselt, springen die Jet Lag All Stars und ihr Gäste von einem Überwachungskamera-Video-Stream in den nächsten. Immer wieder öffnet sich ein neues Fenster.

Musik: Lukas Lauermann, Stimme: Nina Strehlein


Ach’s Sunday Suit | Alexander Ach Schuhs Sonntagsanzug

Descarga total: Essential selection of Latin Rare Grooves. Jazzy Guaguancós, hard hitting Montunos, uptempo Latin-Soul selected by Alexander Ach Schuh out of his vinyl collection.

ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, Sunday, April 15, 2018 on ORANGE 94.0, 14:00-14:57 CET live stream


(1) Kako y Azuquita AQUI DE NUEVO (Henry Alvarez) 5:33); album: Union Dinamica; Alegre ASLP 6003, SERIES 0598 (1975)


(2) Orquesta International; MUCHO CONTROL (Carmelo Rivera) (03:04); album: Mima La Pululera, Mavi MVS 008 (1974)


(2) Louie Lopez y Su Orquesta; VENEGANZA (Louis Lopez) (04:01); album: Louie Lopez y Su Orquesta, Mas Records 2264 (1974)


(3) Rafi Val y La Diferente; FALUKING (Jose F. Febles) (04:06); album: Rafi Val y La Diferente, Vaya V-3 (1972)


(4) Rey Roig y su sensacion; PESCAO EN SALSA (Rey Roig) (02:41); album: Otra Vez, Mericana MYS-117 (1973)


(5) Orchestra Dee Jay; BUENA SUERTE (02:54); album: Orch. Dee Jay, Mango (1973)


(6) Impacto Crea; CRUEL DESPERTAR (Victor Colon) (04:35); album: Impacto Crea, Vaya VMVS-71 (1978)


(7) Orchestra Harlow; LATIN ROOTS (Larry Harlow) (07:14); album: El Judio Maravilloso, Fania 490 JM00490 (1975)


(8) Orchestra Power; ECHA PA’ ALANTE (03:16); album: Power, Mericana MYS-115 (1973)


(9) Orquesta Revolución 70; RUMBA MODERNA (C. Curet Alonso) (02:39); album: Y Siegue El Ritmo!, UA Latino (1972)


(10) Santos Colón y Meñique; CON SINCERIDAD (04:37); album: Santitos y Meñique – Long Live the King, Cotique 1072 (1973)


(11) Conjunto Cache; TANTO ESPERANDO (Johnny Ruiz) (06:40); ablum: Por Prima Vez, Criollo Rec C-471 (1979)


(12) El Trabuco Venezolano; BRAVO RUMBERO (06:26); album: El Trabuco Venezolano Vol. 1, Integra (1977)


Ach’s Sunday Suit | Alexander Ach Schuhs Sonntagsanzug

Welcome to our musical “Salsa” tour, starting in 1970 we go year to year until 1979. Not only do we meet some of the big voices, like Chivirico Davila, or Angel Lebron, and all the rising stars like Justo Betancourt, Ismael Quintana, Ismael Miranda, Luigi Texidor, Sammy Marrero, José Mangual Jr., we also hear the most interesting bands like those of Johnny Colon, Tata Vasquez, Ernie Agosto and Bobby Rodriguez: timelessly beautiful, soulful salsa dura, music of the two Americas propelled by Afro-Caribbean rhythms.

ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, Sunday, March 18, 2018 on ORANGE 94.0, 14:00-14:57 CET live stream


(1) Monguito Santamaria; TODO ES TODO (W. Bruno) (03:16); 7inch Fania 557-B (from album “Blackout”, Fania 382) (1970), vocals by Chivirico Davila


(2) Lebron Brothers; EL MANICERO (Moises Simons) (03:47); album: Picadillo a la criolla,Cotique 1055 (1971)


(3) Johnny Colon; MERECUMBE (04:43); album: Hot Hot Hot, Cotique CS-1067 (1972)


(4) Latin Tempo; LA SEMANA DEL LOCO (C. Curet Alonso) (05:30); ablum: Latin Tempo 2, International Records SLP 00447 (1973)

(5) Ismael Miranda; MI MAMI ME QUIERE (Ismael Miranda) (04:54); 7inch Fania 729 A, (from album “En Fa Mienor” Fania SLP 466) (1974)


(6) Justo Bentancourt; DEMUESTRAME QUE TU SABES (04:05); album: Lo Sabemos, arranged by Papo Luca, Fania XSLP 00483, SERIES 0598 (1975)


(7) Ernie Agosto y La Conspiracion; BONITA (Julio Sedeño) (03:57); 7inch Vaya 5103-A, (from album “Afecto y Cariño”, Vaya VS-47) (1976)


(8) Raphy Leavitt Orchestra La Selecta; BALADA A UN “LOCO” (Raphy Leavitt) (05:18); album: De Frente A La Vida, Borinquen AAD-1311 (1976)


(9) José Mangual Jr.; SALUDO CORDIAL (José Mangual Jr.) (04:31); album: Pa’ Bailar Y Gozar, Velvet PRS-8020 (1977)


(10) Bobby Rodriguez y la compañia; SONERO DEL BARRIO (Bobby Rodriguez) (07:19); ablum: Latin From Manhattan, Vaya JMVS-72 (1978)


(11) Tata Vasquez and His Orchestra; EL LOCO (Tommy Sanchez) (04:55); ablum: Ecstasy,   La China Records (1979), vocals by Felix Santini


(12) Luigi Texidor; REINA NEGRA (Rafael Hernández) (03:56); 7inch Nuestra 501-A (from album “El Negrito Del Sabor”, Nuestra 104) (1979)


(13) Willie Colón; ACUERDATE (Willie Colón) (02:01); album: El Baquiné De Angelitos Negros       , Fania 506 (1977)



Ach’s Sunday Suit | Alexander Ach Schuhs Sonntagsanzug

Hope you can join us celebrating this Sunday afternoon with a eclectic jazz + tropical mix of fresh and vintage upbeat styles. Opening with Hailu Mergia and his brand new manic sensation of urban-ethiopian music delivered in his upcoming album „Lala Belu“ produced  by „Awesome Tapes From Africa“ (Release date March 9, 2018). Followed by a another jazzy afrobeat scoop from the Austrian band Shake Stew written by the Shake Stew leader and bass player Lukas Kranzelbinder (Album release „Rise And Rise“ April 6, 2018). The stirring up of tropical rhythms and references continues with the outstanding Descarga elegance by Los Propios Bateros, enchanted Mexican landscapes in the wide angle by La Mecanica Popular, both 7-inches issued by the NYC label Names You Can Trust. But there is no Ach Schuh Mix without really rare treasures, latin rare groove deluxe such as Colombian cumbias by Antolin y su Combo Orense (1960s), and driving caribbean columbian beats from Barranquilla by Emila Herrera (1980s), Peruvian descargas by Aniceto y sus Fabulosos and Coco Lagos y sus Orates (1970s). More gems appear in this wonderfully swelling stream, such as Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen’s early jazz funk masterpiece “109 Psychosomatic” (1970) and dr. Nicos insanely friendly Hawaian Mambo (early 1960s).

ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, Sunday, March 4, 2018 on ORANGE 94.0, 14:00-14:57 CET live stream


(1) Hailu Mergia; GUM GUM (06:48); album: Lala Belu, Awesome Tapes From Africa. Releases March 9, 2018. Visit (2018)


(2) Shake Stew; DANCING IN THE CAGE OF A SOUL (Lukas Kranzelbinder) (06:10); album: Rise And Rise Again, Traumton Musikverlag. Releases April 6, 2018. Visit ( (2018)


(3) Los Propios Bateros; BATAZO BATERO (Pedro Ojeda) (04:59); 7″ Names You Can Trust NYCT-7034-A (2017)


(4) La Mecánica Popular; NOCHE TRILER (R. Temperton) (03:59); 7″ Names You Can Trust NYCT-7023-A (2015)

(5) Antolin Y Su Combo Orense; NEGRO CUMBION (Carmen Bedoya “Canosa”) (02:32); album: Chunga Guapachosa, Zeida LDZ-2094

(6) Hailu Mergia; ANCHIHOYE LENEA (07:06); album: Lala Belu, Awesome Tapes From Africa. Releases March 9, 2018. Visit (2018)


(7) Emilia Herrera; MAMBA (Emilia Herrera) (02:53); Victoria Discos 6922-B (1985)


(8) Aniceto y sus fabulosos; DESCARGA FABULOSA (Aniceto Salazar) (02:25); 7″ Ramirez 005.1


(9) Bitori; MUNANA (04:19); album: Legend Of Funaná (The Forbidden Music of The Cape Verde Islands) Recroded 1997; Analog Africa AALP081 (2016)


(10) Docteur Nico & Orchestre African Fiesta; MAMBO HAWAIENNE (Nico) (02:26); album: Merveilles Du Passé 1963-1965, African, distributed by Sono Disc Paris, Nicolas Kasanda wa Mikalay, popularly known as Docteur Nico, was a guitarist, composer and one of the pioneers of soukous music. He was born in Mikalayi, Kasai province in the Belgian Congo. 1939-1985


(11) The Lightmen; 109 PSYCHOSOMATIC (mono) (05:36); album: Free As You Wanna Be, Judnell ‎– JLP 1001 (1970). Re-issued by Now-Again Records NA5150LP (2017)


(12) Quitapenas; YA VERAN (D. Gomez & Quitapenas) (03:35); Names You Can Trust NYCT-7031-A (2017)


(13) Coco Lagos y sus orates; RITMO DEL CALLEJON (02:54); 7″ Decibel 372


(14) Tavito Vasquez; LA MARICUTANA (03:58); album: Saxo-Merengues Instrumentales, Quisqueya Records ‎LPQ-012


(15) Cheick Hamala Diabaté; SIGI DIYA (Cheick Hamala Diabaté) (04:41); Electric Cowbell Rec EC013-B    (2011)



Ach’s Sunday Suit | Alexander Ach Schuhs Sonntagsanzug

Irgendwie ist der Sonntag Nachmittag Jazz. Ein weit aus dem Alltag herausgehobener Ort, eine weit unter die Haut gehende Zeit. Wenn wir uns in der Nähe einer Musik spüren, die perfekt ist, wenn wir uns in der Nähe einer Musik spüren, die uns zu zusammenbringt, auch wenn wir nicht in einem Raum sind, dann ist es Sonntag.

ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, Sunday, February 18, 2018 on ORANGE 94.0, 14:00-14:57 CET live stream


(1) Joe Farrell; SWEET RITA SUITE (PART I) HER SPIRIT (George Cables) (04:22); album: Sonic Text, Contemporary Rec. 14002 (1980). George Cables (piano), Tony Dumas (bass), Peter Erskine (drums), Joe Farrell (flute), Freddie Hubbard (trumpet).


(2) Kimiko Kasai; I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TIME IT WAS (04:01); album: Thanks, Dear, CBS SOPM 166 (1974). Kimiko Kasai (Vocals), Ray Brown (bass), Shelly Manne (drums), Joe Sample (piano), Oliver Nelson (Producer).


(3) Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers; ANTHENAGIN (Cedar Walton) (06:18); album: Antenagin, Prestige P10076 (1973). Woody Shaw (trumpet), Carter Jefferson (tenor saxophone), Art Blakey (drums), Mickey Bass (bass), Tony Waters (congas), Cedar Walton (electric piano).

Rollins, Sonny - Nucleus [a]

(4) Sonny Rollins; MY REVERIE (Mtume) (07:39); album: Nuwcleus; Milestone M-9064, based on Debussy’s “Reverie” (1975). Sonny Rollins (tenor saxophone), Bennie Maupin (saxello), David Amaro (guitar), Chuck Rainey (bass), Mtume (congas, percussion), Eddie Moore (drums).


(5) Eddie Palmieri; LA CANCHA (Eddie Palmieri) (05:10); album: Wisdom – Sabiduria, Ropeadope / Fatbeats RAD-347 (2017). Eddie Palmeri (piano), Joe Locke (vibes), Alfredo de la Fe (violin), Little Johnny Rivero (conga), Anthony Carillo (bongo, cowbell), Luques Curtis (bass), Luisito Quintero (timbales, chimes). 



(6) Dianne Reeves; YESTERDAYS (Jerome Kern, O. Harbach) (05:01); album: Dianne Reeves, Blue Note BLJ 46906 (1987). Dianne Reeves (vocals), Freddie Hubbard (flugelhorn), Stanley Clarke (bass), Tony Williams (drums), Billy Childs (piano), George Duke (producer).

(7) Joe Farrell; MALIBU (Joe Farrell) (11:49); album: Sonic Text, Contemporary Rec. 14002 (1980). George Cables (Piano), Tony Dumas (Bass), Peter Erskine (Drums), Joe Farrell (Flute, Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax), Freddie Hubbard (Trumpet, Flugelhorn).


(8) Jasmine; ANGELICA (Roger Rosenberg, Drachman) (04:04); ablum: Jasemine, West 54, WLW 8007 (1979). Carmend Lundy (vocals), Roger Rosenberg (saxophone), Bill O’Connell (keyboards), Lee Smith (bass), Steve Berrios (drums, perc), Allan Bellink (arranger).


(9) Jorge Dalto; KILLER JOE (Benny Golson) (06:00); album: Urban Oasis, Concord Picante CJP-275 (1985). Jorge Dalto (piano), Artie Webb (flute), Carlos Patato Valdez (congas), Jose Mangual Sr. (bongos), Nicky Marrero (timbales, guiro), Andy Gonzalez (bass)


(10) Kenny Barron; DAWN (06:01); album: Sunset to Dawn, Muse Records MR 5018 (1973). Kenny Barron (keyboards), Bob Cranshaw (bass), Freddie Waits (drums), Richard Landrum, Warren Smith (percussion).

Tropical Holiday – Ritmo Sabroso

I hope you enjoy my all vinyl Latin Rare Groove Mix featuring music of the late 1950s and early 1960s.

ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, Sunday, February 03, 2018 on ORANGE 94.0, 14:00-14:57 CET live stream


(1) Don Roberto Y Sus High Society; GUAGUANCÓ A CÉSAR TOVAR (Roberto González) (02:55); album: Don Roberto Y Sus High Society, Sonos Rec LPS-S 1149


(2) Rolando Aguilo y su conjunto; EL CHINO Y SU ABANIQUITO (Rolando Aquilo) (01:57); album: Descargas Cubanas Vol. 1, Maype US-184 (1960)


(3) Xavier Cugat and His Orch with Machito; CACHITA (Rafael Hernández) (02:40); (1941) 7-inch Columbia 4-36095 (1948)


(4) Joe Valle con César Concepción; A MAYAGUEZ (César Concepción) (03:03); album: Plenas, Tropical TRLP 5048


(5) Antonio Morel y su orquesta; CANA BRAVA (TOUGH SUGAR CANE) (02:55); album: Your Musical Holiday in the Dominican Republic, Decca DL8274


(6) Raoul Guillaumme et son groupe; PESE CAFE (03:22); first release: Ansonia 78rpm 1954. RE on: Music of Haiti, Ansonia ALP1216 (1959)


(7) Lucho Bermudez y Su Orquesta; SALSIPUEDES (02:44); album: Taganga, Silver LP 5000) (1956)


(8) Guy du Rosier and his orchestra; BELLE MARIPOLI (Rodolphe Legros) (03:19); album: Haitian Rhythms, Decca DL8602, Riviera Hotel d’Haiti, Actually recorded in Port au Prince. (1957)



(9) Orq Nuevo Ritmo De Cuba; AQUARDIENTE (Jose Fajardo) (03:34); album: The Heart Of Cuba, GNP 47 (1960)


(10) Conjunto José Quintero; LA PACHANGUITA (Tito Ochoa) (02:44); album: Caracas Que Linda Eres!, Orfeon OV-3032. Vocals: Tito Ochoa


(11) Chorolo Y Su Combo, PUERTORIRIQUEÑOA Y HABANEROS (02:27); album: Ven A Bailar, Rumba 55589 (1963)


(12) Super Jazz Des Jeunes; TI GROG MOIN (03:20); album: 20eme Anniversaire, IBO Records ILP-118 (1963)


(13) Bebo Valdés y su Orquesta; MERECUMBE EN CARTAGENA (Pacho Galan) (02:51), Ritmo Sabroso, Discomoda DCM 187 (1960)

(14) Canario y su Grupo; CORTARON A ELENA (Manuel “Canario” Jimenez) (02:40); 7-inch Sinfonia France SEP511


(15) Conjunto Bembossa; INFLUENCIA DO JAZZ (Carlos Lyra) (04:49); album: Bembossa – Sambas, Diamond E-9001 (1964)



(16) Cuban Jam Sessions; CIMARRON (06:34); album: Cuban Jam Sessions under the direction of Julio Guitierrez, Panart CLP 8000 (1959)

(17) Los Galleros; SOLEDAD (Enrique Bofante) (02:47); re-issued on: Cumbias Y Gaitas Famosas De Colombia, Discos Fuentes (1973)


(18) Al Escobar and His Afro-Cuban Orchestra; BARANQUILLA (Al Escobar) (01:58); album: Al Escobar’s Rhythmagic, Cadence CLP1021 (1958)


(19) Luis Varona; LA RUINDERA (Alejandro Rodriguez) (02:02); album: Cha Cha Cha at The Eden Roc, Gone GL 7003 (1959)