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Glamorous Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Beat + Afro-Funk Music from NYC, Miami, Benin, Denmark, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Peru, Paris … enjoy more than five decades of essential and rare recordings
ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, Sunday, October 4, 2015 on ORANGE 94.0


(1) Johnny Pacheco; SUGAR FROST (AZUCARE) (06:21) album: Latin Jam, Fania 328 (1965)


(2) Boya Joachim & Orchestre Poly-Rythmo; BON WEEK-END; (04:32) 7-inch Satel SAT 129-A (1977)


(3) Carnival Band; BETWEEN AFFAIRS; (05:06) album: Carnival Band, Musikhuset Aarhus AAR8, live at Optaget i Husikhusets foyer 6.-7. juni 1988, vocals: Donna Cadogan (1988)


(4) Mantecao y su Combo; ACHILI FUNK; (03:20) 7-inch Love Monk LMNKV24 (2007)

(5) Serge Gainsbourg; FORD MUSTANG; (02:41) album: Initials B.B. (1968)


(6) Papo y su Combo Sabroso; AL ESTILO DE PAPO; (02:56) 7-inch Decibel 521-B


(7) Les Freres Dejean; JAM SESSION #2; (07:33) Non-Stop, Macaya Rec 150 (1980)


(8) PALO! Camina Con Los Codos (Live) (04:48) album: PALO! Live (2014)


(9) Tony Allen; BOAT JOURNEY; (04:46) album: Film of Life (Deluxe Edition) (2014)


(10) Alix Jacques (Colé Colé Band); MY ANGEL’S SMILE; (04:16) album: Symphonie Inachevee, Mini Records (1980)


(11) Johnny El Bravo; EEA; (03:03) album: Up Up & More Latin Soul , Velvet LPS-1407 (1967)


(12) Bongo-Logic; FEEL THIS BEAT (04:52) album: Despierta (1991)


(13) Amadou Balake; LA VOITURE D’OCCASION; (08:19) album: Afro-Charanga, El Palacio LPS-99589 (1982), original issue by Zamidou Productions (US) (1981)


Roots of Nu Jazz | Part 2 | Welcome to another journey through a wide spectrum of styles, from soul/jazz, modal and funk to african, latin and soul music. My selection focuses on jazz releases of the early 1970s. All tracks were recorded between 1967 and 1977 and mainly issued on small lables like Black Jazz, Tribe, Jamal, Strakers. Peter Herbolzheimer’s BLUES EN LATIN recorded 1977 by Sabu Martinez in Sweden was released 2009 by Mellotronen Records. One track comes from the famous Miles Davis Quintet (1965-1968) (Columbia Records). Enjoy Willie Hutch’s interpretation of STORMY WEATHER, released on his album CONCERT IN BLUES (Motown Records). The last track features Woody Shaw with Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers (Prestige Records). Part 1 was broadcasted in this show on Sunday, June 7, 2015.
ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, Sunday, September 20, 2015 on ORANGE 94.0

The Roots of Nu Jazz

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Part 1 | WELCOME TO MY LOVE  | Listen to the show via


(1) The Awakening; MODE FOR D.D. (Richard Brow); (06:56) album: Mirage, Black Jazz Rec. BJQD15 (1973)


(2) Jonas Gwangwa and African Explosion; BENKELENI (VOCAL) (Jonas Gwangwa); (03:00) album: Who, Ngubani?, Jamal LPS-335 (1969)


(3) Marcus Belgrave; GLUE FINGERS (PART II) (Marcus Belgrave); (05:55) album: Gemini II, Tribe Rec. (1974)


(4) Miles Davis Quintet; MASQUALERO (Wayne Shorter); (08:52) album: Sorcerer, Columbia (1967)


(5) Frank Foster; E.W. – BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE (Frank Foster); (08:47) album: The Loud Minority, Mainstream MRL349 (1974)


(6) Willie Hutch; STORMY WEATHER (T. Koehler, H. Arlen); (04:28) album: Concert in Blues, Motown M6-854S1 (1976)


(7) Sabu Martinez; BLUES EN LATIN (Peter Herbolzheimer); (08:15) album: Maldito Primitivo (The Swedish Radio Recordings 1977) , Mellotronen (2009)


(8) The Troubadours; NO NAME BAR (Isaac Hayes); (04:23) album: Many Moods of the Famous Calypso Troubadours, Strakers (1973)


(9) Doug Carn; HIGHER GROUND (Doug Carn); (05:13) album: Adams Apple, Black Jazz Rec. BJQD21 (1974)


(10) Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers; LOVE: FOR THE ONE YOU CAN’T HAVE (Woody Shaw); (06:18) album: Antenagin, Prestige P10076 (1973)


One great pleasure of an August afternoon is the sense of a spell being back in a gentle summer breeze were things like happiness flow and music is everywhere. Still close to the opening of a great time—nevertheless we felt almost back the sweetness with a bitter aftertaste. ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, Sunday, August 2, 2015 on ORANGE 94.0

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(1) Dom Um Romao; PONTEIO; (06:06) album: Dom Um Romao, Muse 5013 (1972) (Mauricio Smith, soprano sax; Jerry Dogion, alto sax; Joao Donato, piano; Sivuca, organ; Stanley Clarke, bass; Eric Gravatt, congas; Dom Um Romao, drums)


(2) Eramus Hall; YOUR LOVE IS MY DESIRE; (04:41) album: Your Love Is My Desire, Westbound WB-5000 (1980)


(3) Jo.Boyer; ISABELLE & THE RAIN (Jo.Boyer); (05:29) 12-inch Maxi, JOB Records 102 (1978)


(4) Bill Summers & Summers Heat; EL BARRIO (Bill Summers, Ray Obiedo, Darryl Munyungo Jackson); (05:39) album: Straight to the Bank, Prestige Records (1978)

clarice labbe, charlie hampton - clarice-swings-with-charlie-hampton

(5) Clarice Labbe, Charlie Hampton; NO OTHER LOVE BUT YOU; (03:25) album: Clarice swings with Charlie Hampton, J.M.T. LP1022 (1980)

(6) Sidney Barnes; SUMMER SUNSHINE; (03:16) album: Foot Stompin’ Music, Parachute Records ‎– RRLP 9009 DJ (1978)


(7) Copeland Davis; MORNING SPRING (Paul Davis, Copland Davis); (03:44) album: Smouldering Secrets, Regalia RMS-5006 (1975)


(8) The Echocentrics; CRESCENT SUN (Adrian Quesada); (02:30) album: Sunshadows, Ubiquity, produced by Adrian Quesada (2011)

dale dennard - if you can live with yourself 7inch 1972

(9) Dale Dennard; IF YOU CAN LIVE WITH YOURSELF; (02:28) 7-inch Coach Records COA 114 (1979)


(10) Ohio Players; FAR EAST MISSISSIPPI; (04:52) album: Contradiction, Mercury (1976)

(11) Donald Bell; WORLD NEEDS LOVE; (06:22) album: World Needs Love, 12-inch BBI Records ‎– DBC 001 (1988)


(12) Sheree Brown; HAPPINESS FLOWS; (03:54) album: Straight Ahead, Capitol (1981)


(13) Millie Jackson; SUMMER (THE FIRST TIME) ; (05:37) album: Caught Up, Spring (1974)


(14) Blackbyrds; FUNKY JUNKIE (Donald Byrd); (07:01) album: Blackbyrds, Fantasy (1974)



Welcome to a caribbean islands cruise. Starting with downtempo 70s roots reggae in Jamaica, uplifting soul from the Bahamas and a very soulful afro-cuban mozambique we will continue with Haitian 1980s disco, Boricuan guaguancó, caribbean funk from Sint Maarten, delicious soul jazz from Antiqua, uptempo candances from Guadeloupe and Martinique and finally dance away with soca from Barbados and a caribbean disco hightlight from Trinidad. ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, Sunday, July 5, 2015 on ORANGE 94.0

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JAMAICA (1) Dadawah; RUN COME RALLY; (07:20) album: Peace and Love, label: Wild Flower XYZ004 (1974)


JAMAICA (2) JJ All Stars; SOUP (VERSION); (02:57) 7inch JJ Records (1974)


BAHAMAS (3) Ronnie Butler and the Ramblers; PEACE WITHOUT LOVE; (04:06) album: Expression of Love, Pot Luck EM003 (1978)


KUBA (4) Pello El Afrokan; ARA-ÑAKIÑA (Pedro Izquierdo Padón); (07:37) album: Un sabor que canta, Areito LD-4122 (1989)


HAITI (5) Bajy and the Electrical Haitian Orchestra; COMME CA (Bajy); (07:03) album: Bougie, label: Taureau Disques (1981)


PUERTO RICO (6) Orquesta International; GUAGUANCO A BORINQUEN (Domingo Solis); (04:31) album: Mima La Pululera, Mavi MVS 008 (1974)


ST. MARTIN (7) St. Maarten’s The Rolling Tones; IT’S A FEELING (Hans Peterson & The Rolling Tones); (04:37) album: S/T, Rodolphe H. Proctor RP1110

ANTIQUA (8) Wadadli Experience; WE SEE JAH; (05:55) album: Came From Afar, SPC Rec. 1907 (1978)


GUADELOUPE (9) Christian Zora; EN PÉ KÉ PÉ (Christian Zora); (06:59) album: Z Comme Zorra, 3A Production 3A0096 (1977)


MARTINIQUE (10) La Perfecta; TROP CONFIANCE (Georges Palin); (05:03) album: Club Perfecta, label: La Perfecta 37003 (1970s)


BARDADOS (11) Winston Soso; WHAT IS LOVE (Winston Soso); (06:47) album: Sweet Black Man, Straker’s Rec. GS2250 (1984)


TRINIDAD (12) Hamilton Brothers; MUSIC MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND (C. Chaman); (04:12) 7-inch SSemp Prod. SHB022, Arr. & Prod. by Stan Chaman (1978)


JLASRS June 26, 2015

Die Jet Lag All Stars Radio Show
| ORF Radio Ö1, FR |26.6.2015 | 22.35 (Teil 1)
| 00:08 (Teil 2)

Die Insel: etwas, was unsere Vorstellungskraft herausfordert. Von der Schwierigkeit einmal entdeckte Inseln wiederzufinden. Von der Navigation des Glücks und der Irrfahrt als Methode. Mit den Jet Lag All Stars durch die Nacht: Musik, Gespräche, Reportagen und Essays in den Parklücken der Aufmerksamkeit. Mit Robert Czepel, Rainer Elstner, Ferdinand “Marshall” Karl, Lukas Lauermann, Mimu Merz, Leo Schatzl, Christian Scheib, Alexander Ach Schuh, Astrid Schwarz, David Schweighart, Thomas Tesar, Elke Tschaikner, Simon Usaty und Klaus Wienerroither.


Mimu Merz und ihr Ensemble live in der JLASRS: Mimu Merz, Simon Usaty (Gesang), David Schweighart (Gitarre) und Lukas Lauermann (Cello)


Aus Achs Notizbuch

Wie findet man eine einmal entdeckte Insel wieder? Diese Frage stellt sich auf gattungsgeschichtlicher Ebene ebenso wie auf individuell persönlicher.

Die verschiedenen Entwicklungsstufen der Globalisierung können als Entwicklungsstufen der Vernetzung von Inseln verstanden werden. Die Präzision der Kartographie, und die praktische Navigation waren entscheidend, wenn es darum ging, die Überlegenheit als Geschwindigkeit zu realisieren. 

Man muss wissen, wo man ist, um zu wissen, wo man hinwill. Aber auch individuell ist die einmal entdeckte Insel eine Herausforderung an das Lustprinzip: Wie lange kann der Rausch andauern, bevor alle Ressourcen aufgebraucht sind, bevor die entdeckte Freiheit zur Isolation wird, und die Verbindung zu anderen Inseln abreißt. Und wie finde ich die einmal entdeckte Insel wieder, wie komme ich in das Paradies zurück, wenn ich es einmal verlassen habe?

JLASRS Insel Juke Box


JAMAICA – John Holt; STRANGE THINGS ON A FRIDAY NIGHT (N. Handy, P. Pratt); 7-inch Sun Shot PP05


MARTINIQUE – Alphonso et son orchestre antillais; AIE! PAS PALER (Alphonso); (02:29) album: Dansez avec “Mr Biguine”, Barclay 820.142, [Louis JEAN-ALPHONSE, alias Aljean et Alphonso (1905-1981)]

jovino-dos-santos_cabo-verde-nha-terra_1980_ jovino-dos-santos_compilation_1984_afro-latino-disco_cabo-verde-nha-terra_

CABO VERDE – Jovino Dos Santos; AFRICA MAMAE (Jovino Dos Santos); (04:09) ablum: Cabo verde nha terra, JDS 1001 1980 (France), reissued on 1984 by Metro-Som (Portugal)

beginning of the end - funky nassau 1971

BAHAMAS – Beginning of The End; FUNKY NASSAU (R. Munnings, Fitzgerald); (05:17) label: Alston SD 33-379 (1971)

MADAGASKAR – D’Gary + Groupe Jihé; MIADY MIADY (Ernest Randrianasolo); (4:36) album: Horombe, label: Label Bleu (1995)


Caribbean Island Cruise, Special Mix von Thomas Tesar + Alexander Ach Schuhin am Ende der JLASRS 


JAMAICA – Dadawah; RUN COME RALLY; (07:20) album: Peace and Love, label: Wild Flower XYZ004 (1974)


BAHAMAS – Ronnie Butler and the Ramblers; PEACE WITHOUT LOVE; (04:06) album: Expression of Love, Pot Luck EM003 (1978)


KUBA – Pello El Afrokan; ARA-ÑAKIÑA (Pedro Izquierdo Padón); (07:37) album: Un sabor que canta, Areito LD-4122 (1989)


HAITI – Bajy and the Electrical Haitian Orchestra; COMME CA (Bajy); (07:03) album: Bougie, label: Taureau Disques (1981)


MARTINIQUE – La Perfecta; TROP CONFIANCE (Georges Palin); (05:03) album: Club Perfecta, label: La Perfecta 37003 (1970s)


Die große Caribbean Islands Kreuzfahrt umfaßt insgesamt 12 Stationen und ist auf nachzuhören. Roots Reggae aus JAMAICA (Dadawah; JJ All Stars); Soul von den BAHAMAS (Ronnie Butler and the Ramblers); Mozambique aus KUBA (Pello El Afrokan); Disco aus HAITI (Bajy and the Electrical Haitian Orchestra); Guaguancó aus PUERTO RICO (Orquesta International); Funk aus ST. MARTIN/SINT MAARTEN (St. Maarten’s The Rolling Tones); Soul Jazz aus ANTIQUA (Wadadli Experience); Cadances aus GUADELOUPE (Christian Zora) und MARTINIQUE (La Perfecta); Soca aus BARDADOS (Winston Soso); Disco aus TRINIDAD (Hamilton Brothers).

Hier gehts zur detaillierten Playlist der Caribbean Islands Cruise


The Roots of Nu Jazz  | Part 1 | Welcome to a journey through a wide spectrum of styles, from soul/jazz, modal and funk to African, Latin and even soul and disco sounds. Enjoy Haitian cadences, glamorous Californian jazz and disco and a afrobeat highlight. All tracks originally issued between 1973 and 1987. First broadcasted in my radio show ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, Sunday, June 7, 2015 on ORANGE 94.0

The Roots of Nu Jazz

Part 2 | THE AWAKENING | Listen to the show via
Part 1 | WELCOME TO MY LOVE  | Listen to the show via


(1) La Perfecta; TROP CONFIANCE (Georges Palin); (05:03) album: Club Perfecta, La Perfecta 37003, Martinique


(2) Blackbyrds; REGGINS (Larry Mizell); (04:03) album: Blackbyrds, Fantasy (1974)


(3) Dianne Reeves; MI VIDA (Dianne Reeves); (04:02) album: Welcome to My Love, Palo Alto Jazz Records PA 8926 (1982)

la mont johnson 1972 mainstream-back

(4) LaMont Johnson; M’BAASA (LaMont Johnson); (07:18) album: Sun, Moon and Stars Mainstream MRL 328 (1972)


(5) Super Boiro Band; SO I SI SA; (05:57 album: En super forme, Guinea, reissued on: Guinée 70, Syllart, Discograph (2010)



(6) Wendell Harrison & Phillip Ranelin; WHAT WE NEED; (03:58) album: A Message From The Tribe, Tribe Records 3, recorded 1974 (1973)


(7) Funk Inc.; THE BETTER HALF (Parker); (06:35) album: Chicken Lickin’, Prestige 10043, German issue Bellaphon PR 10043 (1972)


(8) Ocho Rios; OUR MEDITERRANEAN HEART (IvanVladilo); (07:49) album: ¡Ocho Rios!, Jugoton ULP-2319, arranged by Vlado Batista, recorded at Metro Studio, Ljubljana (1987)


(9) Ozone; DO WHAT CHA WANNA (Ozone); (06:10) album: Send It, Motown M8-962 M1, produced by Ozne, Bobby Brooks & Allen McGrier (1981)


(10) La Consagracion; CAMINA ASI (Victor Rodriguez); (03:46) 7inch Salsa S 519-A. A division of Mary Lou Records. Produced by Larry Harlow.


(11) Rickie Boger; SLOW DOWN BABY; (04:18) album: Slow Down, Baby, Muse Records, produced by Howard Johnson and Ed Korwin, arranged by Howard Johnson (1976)


Uptempo latin soul is salsa. Arsenio Rodriguez died in Los Angeles in December 1970. At this time the legend of afro-cuban uptempo music was almost forgotten. Rhumba, samba, mambo, cha-cha-cha, pachanga – the days of dancing enthusiasm and ballroom glamor seem to be history. But in the mid of the 1960s new record labels entered the stage with a new sound and concept of urban latin music. For the next two hours you will be listening to some of my 7-inch vinyls from 1967–1974. Uptempo boogaloo meets guaguanco. Arsenio’s hard driving cuban montunos and puerto rican rhythm patterns are back in funky urban shape. All time favourites and rare tunes out of my record collection aired in my radio show ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, Sunday, April 19, 2015 on ORANGE 94.0 (part 1) and May 3, 2015 (part 2)

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Tommy Olivencia y su Orquesta; COMO TE CANTO YO (Luis Cafe); (03:33) 7-inch Inca 1009 A, from album “La Nueva Sensacion Musical De Puerto Rico” (Inca I 1001), 1967 reissue of Tommy Olivencia’s first album “Trucutu” (originally released on Tioly Records). (1967)


Ray Rodriguez and his orchestra; OLVIDAME (Bobby Rodriguez, Nestor Sanchez); (04:09) 7-inch Alegre 4032-A, from album: Delusion, Alegre 896 (1969)


Willie Colón; AH-AH O-NO (Willie Colón); (03:45) 7-inch Fania 598 A, from album “El Judicio” (Fania 424), canta: Hector Lavoe (1969)


Roberto Roena y Su Apollo Sound; TU LOCO LOCO, Y YO TRANQUILO; (03:15) 7-inch Fania 513-A (1970)


Los Corraleros; MONDONGO (Lisandro Meza); (03:59) 7-inch Fuentes Peru S7-423F-A (1970)


Monguito Santamaria ; TODO ES TODO (W. Bruno); (03:16) 7-inch Fania 557B, from album “Blackout” (Fania 382) (1970)


Tony Pabon & La Protesta; COMPAY PONGASE DURO (Tony Pabon); (03:22) 7-inch Rico 313-A (1970)


Orchestra Harlow; ARSENIO (Larry Harlow, Ismael Miranda); (03:40) 7-inch Fania 577-A, from album “A Tribute to Arsenio Rodriguez” (Fania 404) (1971)


Bobby Valentin; BEREBICUA (Bobby Valentin); (03:28) 7-inch Fania Peru 5016 A (1969)


Louie Colon Y Su Tripulacion; DESCARGA COLON (A. Rodriguez); (02:26) 7-inch United Artists Rec. Peru 20104 (1972)


Lou Perez y su Orquesta; NO ME DIGAS NA’ (Lou Perez); (04:12) 7-inch Parnaso PC 338 (1974)


Ismael Miranda; MI MAMI ME QUIERE (Ismael Miranda); (04:54) 7-inch Fania 729 A, from album “En Fa Mienor” Fania SLP 466 (1974)


Pete Rodriguez and His Orchestra; ALGUN DIA (Manny Rodriguez); (03:32) 7-inch All-Art 641-A, from his album “Right On!Ahi, Na’Ma!” All-Art LP. No. 1567


Danny Mercado And The New Generation; APRENDE A VIVIR (Humberto Hernandez); (03:40) 7-inch Rico 321B, from album “Make Way” Rico 708 (1971)


Raphy Leavitt Orchestra La Selecta; HERIDO (Raphy Leavitt); (04:23) 7-inch Borinquen D-445 A (1974)


Johnny Colon; YA-YI-KI; (03:24) 7-inch Cotique C-183 (1971)

PART 2, MAY 3, 2015


Tommy Olivencia y su Orquesta; ADIOS (Danny Gonzalez); (03:25) 7-inch Inca 1009 B, from album “La Nueva Sensacion Musical De Puerto Rico” (Inca I 1001), 1967 reissue of Tommy Olivencia’s first album “Trucutu” (originally released on Tioly Records). (1967)


Milton Zapata; AQUI LLEGO ZAPATA (Milton Zapata); (03:47) 7-inch Speed SP1007-B (1968)


TNT Band; JALA JALA (TNT Band); (03:33) 7-inch Cotique C-188, from album “Simbolos Sexuales” (Cotique C-1038) (1969)


Bobby Quesada; GUAGUANCO A LAS MAMIS (Bobby Quesada); (02:52) 7-inch Fania 514 A, from the album “Con Salsa Y Sabor” (Fania 376) (1969)


Ismael Quintana; LA OPORTUNIDAD; (04:01) 7-inch UA-Latino LA336, from LP LS 61056 “Punto Y Aparte”. Arranged by Javier Vasquez & Charlie Palmieri, produced by Ralph Lew (1970)


Ricardo Ray; AZUGATE (Ricardo Ray, Bobby Cruz); (04:37) 7-inch Alegre X 4033 (1970)


Willie Colón; PA’ COLOMBIA (C. Curet Alonso); (03:58) 7-inch Fania 575 B, from album “La Gran Fuga / The Big Break” Fania 394, canta: Hector Lavoe (1971)


Eddie Palmieri; REVOLT/LA LIBERTAD LOGICO (Eddie Palmieri); (03:50) 7-inch Tico T-581, from the album Tico 1225 (1971)


Cheo Feliciano; SI POR MI LLUEVE; (03:19) 7-inch Vaya V-5005-A (1972)


Ismael Rivera con Kako; CUMBANCHERO (Raphael Hernandez); (02:52) 7-inch Tico T577, form Tico Album T 1215 (1971)


Orchestra Colon; ADAM Y EVA (Humberto Hernandez, Gus Colon); (02:57) 7-inch Rico 330 A (1972)


Ray Barretto; LA PELOTA (Ray Barretto); (03:43) 7-inch Fania 619 B, form album “Que Viva La Musica” (Fania 427), vocals: Adalberto Santiago (1972)


Tony Pabon y La Protesta; EL TABACON (Gomez Montiel); (04:18) 7-inch Rico 335 B, from his album: “Introducing Nestor Sanchez” Rico LP 716 (1973)


Chaparro; NO PUEDE SER; (03:29) 7-inch Rico 340B, from album “Gozando” (Rico 717), canta: Victor Rodriguez (1974)


Johnny El Bravo; GUEDE ZAINA; (03:12) 7-inch Horsocopo F 5026 A, canta: Toñito Lopez


Baby Gonzalez con el Conjunto Marianao; MATA CIGUARAYA (Lino Frias); (03:22) 7-inch West Side WS-59-B. Produced by Chico Alvarez. Arranged by Javier Vazquez. Coro: Baby, Chico y Vidal. (1974)




JLASRS 2015, April 10

Die Jet Lag All Stars Radio Show
| ORF Radio Ö1, FR |10.4.2015 | 23.03

Der Jetlag ist das unser Maß der Lebendigkeit: Als Gäste in der Jet Lag All Stars Radio Show Versuchsanordnung am Freitag 10.4. ab 23:00 erwarten wir den Physiker Herbert Pietschmann, das Saxophonquartett Phoen mit Viola Falb, Pepe Auer, Arnold Zamarin und Florian Fennes.

Und wir werden uns durch die Radiolandschaften rund um den Globus durch alle Zeitzonen zappen. Außerdem begrüßen wir einige Künstler, die im Rahmen des derzeit laufenden Soundframe-Festivals auftreten, wo es um die Kunst der Live-Visuals geht: Jürgen Berlakovich (Takamovsky), Florian Tanzer (Luma.Launisch) sowie Thomas Wagensommerer und Uli Kühn.

Musikalisch dreht sich alles um die besten Live-Einspielungen der Plattengeschichte … mit Robert Czepel, Rainer Elstner, Christian Scheib, Alexander Ach Schuh, Astrid Schwarz, Thomas Tesar, Elke Tschaikner und Klaus Wienerroither




Braziliance: blazing brilliance from Brazil. Nova Samba and Bossa Jazz with shades of Soul and Candomblé. All time favourites and rare tunes out of my record collection aired in my radio show ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, Sunday, April 5, 2015 on ORANGE 94.0

Listen now to the show via

(1) Quarteto Sabá; CÉU E MAR (Johnny Alf); (03:06) 7inch Audio Fidelity AFC-1105, Audio Fidelity AFC-1105 (1964), César Camargo Mariano (piano), Hamilton (drums), Sabá ( bass), Theo de Barros (guitar). Also Known As. Quarteto de Saba


(2) Paulo Moura e Hecteto; DAS TARDES MAIS SÓS (Milton Nascimento); (03:05) Blazing Brilliance From Brazil, Equipe (1968), re-issued on: Tangerine Rec. TRCS 1514 (1973), Paulo Moura (alto sax, musical direction), Oberdan Magalhaes (tenor sax), Darcy da Cruz (trumpet), Cesario Constancio (trombone), Luiz Carlos (bass), Wagner Tiso (piano), Paschoal Meirelles (drums)


(3) Tania; EU E A BRIZA (Johnny Alf); (03:16) 7-inch Equipe CS-530 B

Sergio Mendes & Bossa Rio - Você Ainda Não Ouviu Nada!_1964

(4) Sérgio Mendes & Bossa Rio; DESAFINADO (A.C. Jobim, Mendonca); (03:17) album: Voce Ainda Não Ouviu Nada!; Philips P632.701L (1964), re-issued by Doxy ACV2025, Copy 46/500


(5) Quarteto Novo; SÍNTESE (Heraldo Do Monte); (02:38) Quarteto Novo, Odeon MOFB 3503 (1967), Airto Moreira, Heraldo Do Monte, Hermeto Pascoal, Theo De Barros


(6) Quarteto Em Cy com Tamba Trio; AQUA DE BEBER (Antônio Carlos Jobim, Vinícius de Moraes); (02:38) album: Som Definitivo, Forma FM10 (1966)


(7) Edison Machado; SÓ POR AMOR (Baden Powell, V. de Moraes); (03:24) album: Edison Machado é Samba Novo, CBS 37337, 1964


(8) Os Ipanemas; KENYA (Astor Silva, Rubens Bassini); (02:56) 7inch EP CBS 56114 (1964)


(9) Moacir Santos; COISA No.6 (Moacir Santos); (03:23) album: Coisas, Forma FM8 (1965), re-issued on Polysom 33150-1 (2013)

(10) Sivuca et les rythmes brésiliens de Silvio Silveira; BIM-BOM (J. Gilberto); (01:44) 7inch Barclay 72570


(11) Conjunto Bembossa; MENSAGEM (Sylvio Cesar); (02:26) album: Bembossa – Sambas, Diamond E-9001 (1964)


(12) Erlon Chaves e sua orquestra; REZA (Edu Lobo); (02:28) album: Sabadabadá, Continental PPL12188 (1965)


(13) Pedrinho Mattar Trio; SAMBA PRO PEDRINHO (Walter Santos); (02:39 album: Bossa Nova, Farroupilha LPFR-603 (1964)


(14) Dom Um Romao; ZAMBEZE (Orlandivo, Roberto Jorge); (02:07) album: Dom Um, Philips, P 632.713 L (1964), re-issued on Mercury 528 122-1 (1995)


(15) Baden Powell; CONSOLACAO (Baden Powell, V. de Moraes); (06:11) album: Poema On Guitar            Saba SB 15150 (1967), re-issued on MPS 15.150 (1977)


(16) Marcos Valle; BATUCADA SERGIU (Marcos Valle, Paulo Sergio Valle); (02:15) album: Briziliance, Odeon MOFB 0379 (1967)


(17) Johnny Alf; UM TEMA P’PRO SIMON); (03:09) album: Nós, EMI ECMB 7001 (1973)


(18) Jongo Trio; AQUAS DE MARCO (Antônio Carlos Jobim); (04:04) album: Jongo Trio,Copacabana CLP 11.699 (1972)


(19) Eumir Deodato; BEBE (Hermeto Pascoal); (02:28) album: Percepcao, London Rec. LLB 1080 (1972)


(20) Som Tres; TOBOGA (Cesar Camargo Mariano); (03:23) album: Som Tres, Odeon SC10056


JLASRS 2015, February 12

Die Jet Lag All Stars Radio Show
| ORF Radio Ö1, FR |27.2.2015 | 23.03

Acht Redakteurinnen und Redakteure, sechzehn Lieder, die Jetlag Allstars als Live-Band und E-Mails im Kettenbrief-Modus … mit Robert Czepel, Rainer Elstner, Meinhard Rauchensteiner, Christian Scheib, Alexander Ach Schuh, Astrid Schwarz, Thomas Tesar, Elke Tschaikner und Klaus Wienerroither