Mongo Santamaria


broadcasted 2013, September 29
9 shows, aired from Oct 2012 – Oct 2013 every fourth Sunday 9-11 PM (CET)
on Superfly 98.3 (Vienna 98.3 FM) and worldwide stream, 120 minutes

In memory of Steve Berrios (February 24, 1945 – July 25, 2013)

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“Famed Afro-Caribbean Drummer Steve Berrios Passes” MODERN DRUMMER – JULY 29, 2013, The article presents an interview with Steve Berrios by Ken Ross, dated in 1994 “Steve Berrios: New York City Rhythmatist”

“Steve Berrios, Master of Latin Jazz and Drums, Dies at 68” by Paul Vitello – The New York Times, JULY 27

“‘A Walking Encyclopedia Of Rhythms’: Remembering Steve Berrios” by Felix Contreras – – JULY 29, 2013

“Drummer and Percussionist Steve Berrios, Who Fused Rhythmic Worlds, Dies” by Larry Blumfeld, Blue Notes, JULY 27

Steve-Berrios_by_Andrea_Zapata-Girau:Courtesy-of Jerry-Gonzalez

Steve Berrios performs with the Fort Apache Band in New York City earlier in 2013.
Photo: Andrea Zapata-Girau/Courtesy of Jerry Gonzalez

We are going to play some essential latin jazz propelled by the amazing drum work of Steve Berrios …


(1) Steve Berrios and son Bachéche; BRUSHIN’ IT (Steve Berrios); (00:51) album: First World, Milestone (1995) – Steve Barrios (snare drums)


(2) Jerry Gonzalez and the Fort Apache Band; ALONG COME BETTY (Benny Golson); (05:40) album: The Music of Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers, Random Chance Records (2005) — Jerry Gonzalez (trumpet, flugelhorn, congas, percussion), Joe Ford (alto saxophone), Larry Willis (piano), Andy Gonzalez (bass), Steve Barrios (drums and percussion)


(3) Monguito Santamaria; MAMBO NEW; album: Hey Sister, Fania (1969)

(4) Mongo Santamaria; CLOUD NINE (Whitfield – Strong); album: Stone Soul, Columbia (1969) — Ramon “Mongo” Santamaria (congas, bongos), Sonny Fortune (alto saxophone), Bernhard Purdie (drums), Hadley Caliman, Hubert Laws (tenor saxophones), Art Kaplan (bariton saxophone), Louis Gasca (trumpet), Rodgers Grant (piano), Steve Berrios (timbales), Julito Collazo, Osualdo Martinez (percussion)

(5) Jerry Gonzalez and the Fort Apache Band; EVIDENCE (Thelonous Monk); (11:01) album: Obatalà, recorded live at the International Jazz Festival Zürich on November 6, 1988, Enja (1988) — Jerry Gonzalez (trumpet, fluegelhorn, congas), John Strubblefield (tenor saxophone), Papo Vazquez (trombone), Larry Willis (piano), Edgardo Miranda (guitar), Andy Gonzalez (bass), Steve Berrios (drums, bata, chekere), Milton Cardona (bata, chekere), Hector “Flaco” Hernandez (bata, chekere, conga), Nicky Marrero (timbales, percussion)

(6) Steve Berrios and son Bachéche; EL NIÑO REY (Caixto Callava); (06:54) album: First World, Milestone (1995) — Eddie Bobè (lead vocal, coro), Elisabeth Monder, Steve Barrios (coro); bata drum section: Julito Collazo (iya), Eddie Bobè (onkonkolo), Steve Barrios (itotele); Papo Vazquez (solo and ensemble trombones), Edgardo Miranda (tres), John Benitez (electric bass), Steve Barrios (tumbadora, guagua, clave, shekere, atchere, tres golpe)


(7) Mongo Santamaria; O MI SHANGO (Mongo Santamaria); (04:20) album: Sofrito, Vaya Records (1976) — Mongo Santamaria (congas), Steve Barrios (traps, timbales, bata drum & percussion), Greg “Peachy” Jarmon (bongos, cowbell, conga & percussion), Mike “Coco” DiMartino (trumpet), Al Williams (tenor sax, soprano & alto flutes), Roger Rosenberg (soprano, alto & Baritone sax), Armen Donelian (electric & acoustic piano, synthesizer), William Allen (bass guitar), Julito Collazo (bata drum), Angel “Cachete” Maldonado (bata drum)


(8) Emmanuel Abdul-Rahim feat. The Times at Hand Orchestra with special guest Steve Berrios; CYCLES (Emmanuel Abdul-Rahim); (04:49) album: Harlem, Olufsen Records (1988) — The Times At Hand Orchestra: Emmanuel Abdul-Rahim (contas, drums, timbales, bata), Jacob Andersen (congas, bongos, cow-bell, quiro), Steve Barrios (drums, bata, congas, timbales, cow-bel, quiro), Abdul-Khaliq Hassan (bass), Hasse Emil Poulsen (electric guitar), Hugo Rasmussen (bass), Christian Sievert (guitar), Karsten Sorensen (piano), Jamil Westergaard (shekeree)


(9) Hilton Ruiz; BLUES FOR “COS” (Hilton Ruiz); (05:49) album: Hands on Percussion, RMM Records (1995) — Hilton Ruiz (piano), Dave Valentin (flute), Charlie Sepulveda (trumpet), Papo Vasquez (trombone), Giovanni Hidalgo, (congas), Andy Gonzalez (drums), Steve Berrios (timbales), Jose D’Leon (tenor saxophone), Peter Brainin (flute)


(10) Azuquita y su orquesta melao; COCO DE MARÍA; (05:06) album: Pura Salsa, Vaya Records (1975) — Azuquita (lead vocals), Mauricio Smith (musical director, bariton sax, flute), Guillermo Edgehill (bass), Rodgers Grant (fender rhodes electric piano), Joe Beck (lead guitar), Kako (congas, bongos), Steve Barrios (timbales & drums), Ray Armando (congas, bongos, percussion), Danny Cahn (trumpet), Jack Hitchcock (trombone), VictorVelasquez (coro, percussion), Jimmy Sabater, (coro), Bobby Marin (coro, percussion)

(11) Steve Berrios and son Bachéche; SON BACHÉCHE; (05:07) And Then Some!, Milestone (1996) — Wayne Wallace (trombones), Steve Berrios (percussion, coro), Elisabeth Monder (coro)

(12) Ray Mantilla & Space Station feat. special guest Bobby Watson; DARK POWERS (Ray Mantilla); (06:50) album: Dark Powers, Red Record (1989) — Ray Mantilla (percussion), Bobby Watson (alto sax), Dick Oatts (soprano, tenor sax), Eddie Martinez (piano), Ruben Rodriguez (bass), Steve Berrios (drums, percussion)

(13) Steve Berrios and Son Bachéche; BEMSHA SWING (Steve Berrios); (02:25) album: And Then Some!, Milestone (1996) Joe Ford (soprano saxophone), Steve Berrios (timpani, drums)

(14) Jerry Gonzalez and th Fort Apache Band; THELINGUS (Joe Ford); (06:47) album: Crossroads, Milestones (1994)

(15) Steve Berrios and son Bachéche; MAFRANBINGO (Joe Ford); (06:26) album: First World, Milestone (1995) — Joe Ford (alto saxophone), Eddie Henderson (flugelhorn), Peter Brainin (tenor and soprano saxophones), Larry Willis (piano), George Mraz (bass), Steve Barrios (drums)


(16) Ray Mantilla; MARIA CERVANTES (N. Morales); (05:57) album: Good Vibrations, Savant Records (2006) — Ray Mantilla (percussion, leader), Enrique Fenrandez (baritone saxophone & flute), Mike Freeman (vibes), Cucho Martinez (bass), Bill Elder (drums), special guest: Steve Barrios (percussion)

(17) Jerry Gonzalez & The Ford Apache Band; EL TORO (Wayne Shorter); (05:42) album: Moliendo Cafe, Alfa Records (1992) — Jerry Gonzalez (trumpet, flugelhorn, congas, percussion), Carter Jefferson (tenor saxophone), Joe Ford (alto & soprano saxophones, flute), Larry Willis (piano), Andy Gonzalez (bass), Steve Barrios (drums and percussion)

(18) Steve Berrios and son Bachéche; ONCE I LOVED (Jobim – Gilbert – Demoraes); (05:53) album: First World, Fantasy (1995) — Freddy Cole (lead vocal), Larry Willis (piano), Grover Washington Jr. (soprano saxophone), Edgardo Miranda (acoustic guitar), George Mraz (bass), Steve Barrios (drums, Brazilian percussion)

(19) Jerry Gonzalez & The Ford Apache Band; DANCE CADAVEROUS (Wayne Shorter); (05:14) album: Pensativo, Milestone (1995) — Jerry Gonzalez (trumpet, flugelhorn, congas), John Stubblefield (tenor saxophone), Joe Ford (alto & soprano saxophone), Larry Willis (piano), Andy Gonzalez (bass), Steve Barrios (drums and percussion)

(20) Steve Berrios and Son Bachéche; LERI EYO (Jullio Collazo); (03:12) album: And Then Some!, Milestone (1996) — Julio Collazo (lead vocal), Steve Berrios (percussion, coro), Elisabeth Monder (coro)




¡ESO ES LATIN JAZZ! jeden vierten Sonntag im Monat, 21–23 Uhr, 98.3 Superfly
im Anschluss : DIE GANZE WOCHE! – wie jeden Sonntag in der Stunde vor Mitternacht …



¡ESO ES LATIN JAZZ! ist die Latin Jazz Show auf 98.3 Superfly.
Jeden vierten Sonntag im Monat präsentiere ich Jazz on the latin side.

ESO ES LATIN JAZZ is my new radio show and part of the Superfly Jazz Sessions at (Vienna). Broadcasted every fourth Sunday of the Month. Expect some essential artists and recordings with samples of essential jazz con clave.

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Im Anschluss um 23 Uhr geht’s dann gleich weiter mit TODA LA SEMANA / DIE GANZE WOCHE! meiner Live Radio Show am äußersten Rand der Woche.

¡ESO ES LATIN JAZZ! jeden vierten Sonntag im Monat, 21–23 Uhr, 98.3 Superfly

im Anschluß : DIE GANZE WOCHE! – wie jeden Sonntag in der Stunde vor Mitternacht …


(1) Bobby Sanabria Big Band; ¡QUE VIVA CANDIDO! (Andrew Neesley); (07:53) album: Multiverse, Jazzheads (2012)


(2) Candido; MADRID; (02:43) album: Brujerias De – Latin McGuffa’s Dust, Tico 1142 (1966)


(3) Mongo Santamaria y su orquesta; PARA TI; album: Mongo y su Charanga, Fantasy (1962)


(4) Chris Washburne; LAND OF NOD (Chris Washburne); (03:58) album: Land of Nod, Jazzheads (2006)


(5) Caribbean Jazz Project; AGAINST THE LAW; (06:04) album: Birds of a Feather, Concord (2003)


(6) Bobby Matos Afro-Cuban Jazz Ensemble; SO WHAT / IMPRESSIONS (Miles Davis / John Coltrane); (05:17)


(7) Chembo Corniel Quintet; DELEGUE (Wayne Shorter); (06:06) album: Afro Blue Monk (2012)


(8) Ray Barretto and New World Spirit; DANCE OF DENIAL (Michael Philip Mossman); (05:51) album: Contact, Blue Note (1997)


(9) The Latin Percussion Jazz Ensemble; OYE COMO VA (Tito Puente); (03:05) album: Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival 1980, Latin Percussion Ventures Inc. (1980)


(10) Conexion Latina; LATIN GROOVE; (05:54) album: Calorcito, Enja (1984)


(11) The Jeff Lorber Fusion; ROOFTOPS (Jeff Lorber); album: Wizard Island, Arista (1980)


(12) Papo Vazquez Mighty Pirates Troubadours; MANGA LARGA; (06:53) album: Oasis, Picaro Records (2012)


(13) The Robin Jones Seven; ATLAS; from: El Maja, Apollo Sound (1972)


(14) The Jazz Crusaders; LATIN BIT; from: Chile Con Soul, Pazific Jazz

(15) Cal Tjader; AZUCAR MAMA; album: Primo, Fantasy (1973)


(16) Miguel Zenón; TIEMBLAS; (07:24) album: Alma Adentro. The Puerto Rican Songbook, Marsalis Music (2011)


(17) Stefon Harris – David Sanchez – Christian Scott; AND THIS TOO SHALL PASS; (09:28) album: Ninety Miles feat. Remember Duharte & Harold Lopez-Nussa, Concord (2011)

(18) Juan Pablo Torres; MOONLIGHT SERENADE (Glenn Miller); (07:35) album: Together Again, Connector Music (2000)




¡ESO ES LATIN JAZZ! ist die neue Latin Jazz Show auf 98.3 Superfly.
Jeden vierten Sonntag im Monat präsentiere ich Jazz on the latin side.

ESO ES LATIN JAZZ is my new radio show and part of the Superfly Jazz Sessions at (Vienna). Broadcasted every fourth Sunday of the Month. My first show gathers some essential artists and recordings with samples of jazz con clave from six decades

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Im Rahmen der Superfly Jazz Sessions, die jeden Sonntag ab 21 Uhr on air gehen, wird der jeweils vierte Sonntag im Monat zum Rumba Club: Zu erwarten ist Jazz con clave von den 1930ern bis in unsere Tage. Im Anschluss um 23 Uhr geht’s dann gleich weiter mit DIE GANZE WOCHE! meiner Live Radio Show am äußersten Rand der Woche.

¡ESO ES LATIN JAZZ! jeden vierten Sonntag im Monat, 21–23 Uhr, 98.3 Superfly
Start: 28. Oktober, 21.00–23.00 Uhr

im Anschluß : DIE GANZE WOCHE! – jeden Sonntag in der Stunde vor Mitternacht …

#001 / LIVE @ 98.3 Superfly / October 28, 2012, 9-11 PM CET
worldwide live stream:


(1) Jose Rizo’s Mongorama; BACOSO; (05:39) album: S/T, Saungú Records (2011)

(2) Antonio (Chocolaté) Diaz Mena; TIN TIN DEO (D. Gillespie); album: Eso es Latin Jazz … man!, Aufio Fidelity

(3) Joe Cain & His Orchestra; PA-PA BAJO (J. Cain); album: Latin Explosion

(4) Dave Pike and His Orchestra; MONTUNA ORITA; album: Manhattan Latin, Decca

(5) Gene Shaw; GOIN’ DOWN (Gene Evens); (05:16) album: Carnival Sketches, Argo (1964)

(6) Armando Peraza; VIVA PERAZA; (04:48) album: Wild Thing, Fontana (1968)

(7) Ritmos Cubanos; JAVILLA (Louie Bellson); 05:45 album: Ecué, Pablo (1978)

(8) Machito and His Afro-Cuban Orchestra; ADIOS; album: Mambo Holiday

(9) Clare Fischer Orchestra; MORNING (Clare Fischer); album: Manteca!, Pazific Jazz (1966)

(10) José Mangual; CHINATOWN (Tito Puente); (02:58) album: Buyú and I, Turnstyle (1977)

(11) Manny Oquendo y su Conjunto Libre; LITTLE SUNFLOWER (Freddie Hubbard); album: Ritmo, Sonido y Estillo, Montuno Records (1983)

(12) Mongo Santamaria; THE PROMISED LAND (Justo Almariao); (06:45) album: Afro-Indio, Vaya (1975)

(13) Paulo Moura Hepteto; VERA CRUZ (Milton Nascimento – Mario Borges); (03:30) album: Fibra, Equipe (1971)

(14) Eddie Palmieri; COLOMBIA TE CANTO; (10:08) album: Lucumi, Macumba, Voodoo, Epic/CBS (1978)

(15) Emmanuel Abdul-Rahim feat. The Times At Hand Orchestra with special guest Steve Berrios; CYCLES (Emmanuel Abdul-Rahim); (04:49) album: Harlem, Olufsen Records (1988)

(16) Salsafuerte feat. Yumarya; CUBAN BLUES (Gregor Hübner, lyrics by Yumarya); (07:07) album: S/T, Edel (2011)

(17) Francisco Aquabella; FUNKY CHA (Francisco Aquabella); (04:52) album: Ochimini, Cubop/Ubiquity (2004)

(18) Cal Tjader; HURACÁN (Clare Fischer); album: Huracán, Crystal Clear Records (1978)

(19) Rebeca Mauleón; BONGOCERO; (05:07) album: Descarga en California, Pimienta Records (2006)

(20) Paquito D’Rivera; DESCARGA 93; (06:49) album: Paquito D’Rivera presents 40 Years of Cuban Jam Session, Messidor (1993)

(21) Jerry Gonzalez y el Comando de la Clave; AVISARE A MI CONTRARIO; (04:22) album: S/T, Sunnyside (2011)

(22) Poncho Sanchez and Terence Blanchard; DIZZ’S DASHIKI; (04:07) album: Chano y Dizzy!, Concord Picante (2011)

(23) Afro-Bop Alliance; STOLEN MOMENTS (Oliver Nelson); album: Encarnación, Afro Bop Alliance (2004)




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(1) Caribbean Jazz Project; MALUCO (Steve Kahn); (07:00) album: Paraiso, Concord (2001)
Dave Samuels [Vibes & Marimba], Dave Valentin [Flute], Steve Kahn [Guitar & Güiro], Rubén Rodriguez [Bass], Richie Flores [Congas, Shekere], Luisito Quintero [Timbal Kit & Percussion]

(2) La Calle Caliente; ALONE TOGETHER (Dietz & Schwartz); (07:15) album: S/T, Autor (2000)
Manuel Machado [Trompeta y Fliscorno], Candido Mijares [Saxos Alto y Tenor], Vicente Borland [Piano y Teclados], Miguel Blanco [Bajo], Osvaldo Varona [Timbales y Percusion], Yayo Morales [Bateria], Moises Porro [Congas, Percusion], Andres Bedo [Teclados]

(3) Michel Camilo; DREAMLIGHT; (08:48) album: One More Once, Sony (1994)
Michel Camilo [Piano], Antony Jackson [Contrabass Guitar], Marvin “Smitty” Smith [drums], Giovanni Hildalgo [Congas, Timbales, Bongos, Percussion], Guarionex Aquino [Chekere, Tambora, Guiro, Percussion], Chuck Loeb [Guitar], Trumpets – Jon Faddis, Michael Mossman, Stanton Davis, Bryan Lynch, Ryan Kisor, Trombones – David Bargeron, Ed Neumeister, Conrad Herwig, Douglas Purviance, David Taylor, Saxophones – Chris Hunter (solo), Paquito D’Rivera, Ralph Bowen, Craig Handy, Gary Smulyan

(4) Robertinho Silva; EXITS AND FLAGS (SAIDAS E BANDEIRAS); (05:43) album: Shot A Goal, Milestone (1995)
Mauro Senise [Soprano Saxophone], Luizao Paiva [Electric Keyboards], Joao Baptista [Electric Bass], Ronaldo Silva [Percussion], Vanderlei Silva [Percussion], Robertinho Silva [Drums, Percussion]

(5) McCoy Tyner and the Latin All-Stars; WE ARE OUR FATHERS’ SONS (Avery Sharpe); (05:21) album: McCoy Tyner and the Latin All-Stars, Telarc Jazz (1998)
McCoy Tyner [Piano], Gary Bartz [Saxophones], Igancio Berroa [drums], Giovanni Hidalgo [Percussion], Claudio Roditi [Trumpe, Flugelhorn], Aver Sharpe [Bass], Steve Turre [Trombone, Shells], Dave Valentin [Flute]

(6) Tito De Gracia y su Naoka Jam; DON CHOLO (Tito De Gracia); album: My Latin Roots, OLC Records (2003)
Tito De Graci [Timbateria], Wilfredo “Wilito” Lopez [congas], Manolo Navarro [Piano], Pedro Perez [Bass], Jose “Cheito” Quinonez Jr, Jose “Jochi

(7) Joe Galliardo’s Latino Blue; SUENOS (Joe Galliardo); (07:46) album: A Latin Shade of Blue, Enja (2001)

(8) Mongo Santamaria; COSTA DEL ORO (Jimmy Cozier); recorded live at Birdland NYC, 9th & 10th October 1992 (05:39), album: Brazilian Sunset, Candid (1996)

(9) Carribean Jazz Project; BLUE (Dave Samuels); (05:20) album: Birds Of A Feather, Concord Records (2003)
Dave Samuels [Vibes & Marimba], Dario Eskenazi [Piano], Dafnis Prieto [Drums & Timbales], Robert Quintero [Congas & Percussion], Ruben Rodriguez [Bass], Ray Vega [Trumpet & Flugelhorn], Randy Brecker [Trumpet], Romero Lubambo [Guitar], Mark Walker [Drums], Café [Percussion]


CALIENTE #105 … … September 17, 2011, 98.3, 4-6 PM CET … Selected and presented by Alexander Ach Schuh Listen to the show via

Live im Studio: Carla Natascha. Caliente präsentiert ihr Debutalbum “Y es sólo amor”.

4-5 PM

(1) Steve Turre; EXPLORATION; (05:10) from: Sanctified Shells, Antilles (1993)

(2) Pantaleon Perez Prado y Su Orquesta De Baile; BAMBATUNGA; from: Cuban Rhythms, Toreador T-514

(3) Tito Rodriguez; CHEN-CHER-EN-GUMA; from: Mambo Madness, Tico 1004

(4) Tito Puente; CUAL ES LA IDEA; (03:20) from: Cuban Carnival, RCA (1956)

(5) Beny More; POR UNA MADRE; from: Gran Serie Vol.VI, Egrem

(6) Mongo Santamaria y su Orquesta “Sabrosa”; MI NOVIA; (02:50) from: ¡Arriba! La Pachanga (1961)

(7) Güito y su Conjunto; EL RUMBON; from: El Rumbon (A Jam Session), Lewdisc SL-2002

(8) Felo Bergaza, su Piano y su Ritmo; LA COMPARSA; from: Felo and his Piano, Maype, US-137

(9) The Martinez-Cheda Orchestra; TU LO QUE ‘TA BORACHO; (02:36) from: Let’s Dance Latin, reissue: Palladium RLP-146

(10) Mario Allison y su Combo; LE ROMPIEON EL PITO; from: De Fiesta … con Mario Allison, Mag 1267

(10) Porfi Jimenez y su Orquesta; PORFIDESCARGA; from: Quinceañera, Velvet LPV-1396

(11) Federico y su Combo Latino; ME FALTO ESTAR MOSCA GUARACHA; from: Federico Boogaloo, Palacio LP-6228

(12) Joe Bataan; TRISTE; from: Subway Joe, Fania 345 (1968)

(13) Ricardo Marrero and the Group; PREPARADO; from: Time, Vaya (1977)

5-6 PM

(14) Rumba Club; THIS FLIGHT TONIGHT; from: Radio Mundo, Palmetto Recrods (2001)

(15) Carla Natascha; Y ES SOLO AMOR; from: Y es sólo amor, REC Ent. Group (2010)

(16) Carla Natascha; BAJO LA LLUVIA; from: Y es sólo amor, REC Ent. Group (2010)

(17) Carla Natascha; POR TU AMOR YO VIVRÉ; from: Y es sólo amor, REC Ent. Group (2010)

(18) Paulo FG; POR LA ACERA; (05:43) from: Una vez más, Promusic (2000)

(19) Rebeca Mauleón; CONGRI; from: Round Trip, Tumbeca Music (1998)

(20) Habana Express; YUNAIKA; from: De Prado a Manirique, Envidia/Camajan

(21) Pablo Mayor’s Folklore Urbano; CABEZA DE RALÓN; from: Aviso (2003)

(22) William Cepeda; PONTE PA’L MONTE; (05:43) from: Afroican Jazz, Blue Jackel (1998)

(23) Cecilia Noel; EVERYBODY’S MAMBO; from: A Gozar, Compass Records (2009)

(24) Tómas R. Einarsson; JÖRFAGLEDI; (03:33) from: Romm Tomm Tomm, Blánótt ehf. BN 004 (2006)


CALIENTE #102 … August 27, 2011, 98.3, 4-6 PM CET … Selected and presented by Alexander Ach Schuh

4-5 PM

(1) Mongo Santamaria and Orchestra; PARA-TI (Santamaria); from: Viva Mongo!, Fantasy 8087 (1962)

Rolando Lozano (fl) Jose “Chombo” Silva (ts) Felix “Pupi” Legarreta (vln) Joao Donato (p, tb) Victor Venegas (b) Julito Collazo, Cuco Martinez, Mongo Santamaria (per)

(2) José Rizo’s Mongorama; LAS GUAJIRAS (M. Santamaria); from: S/T, Saungú (2011)

Justo Almario (ts) Danilo Lonzano (fl, musical director), Oscar Hernandez (piano), Ramon Band (tb), Rene Camacho (b) Joey De Leon (congas), Adonis Puentes (lead vocals) Dayren Santamaria (violin)

(3) René Touzet; CON SABOR LATINO (René Touzet); from: Too Much!, GNP49

(4) Jack Costanzo; TABOO; from: Bongo Fever! Sunset SUS-5134

(5) La Playa Sextette; NI TILINGO, NI TITINGO (C. Davila); from: Pachanga Everyone, Music for Dancing with La Playa Stextette, Occidente

(6) Joe Cuba Sextette, canta: Jose Feliciano; EL HUESO; from: Diggn’ The Most, Seeco 9259

(7) Willi Rodriguez and his Orchestra; MOZAMBIQUE; from: S/T, Fonseca 1120

(8) The Gilberto Sextet; NO CRITiIQUEZ; from: The Groovy Sounds of The Gilberto Sextet, Cotique 1001

(9) Joey Pastrana; HUGO; from: Joey in P.R., Cotique 1036

(10) The New Swing Sextet; EL BONGO; from: A Taste of Spanish Harlem, Cotique 1026

(11) Justi Barretto and his Orchestra; DON FULGENCIO; from: Boogaloo Shingaling, Starbright

(12) Ray Barretto; AHORA SI; from: Hard Hands, Fania 362

(13) Ralph Robles; THE MAIN MAN; from: Main Man/El Bravissimo

(14) Charlie Palmieri; COTE PA LA COLA; (05:31) from: Latin Bugalu, Atlantic Records (1968)

(15) Louie Rey and his Orchestra; MIRA COMO BAILA; from: Here We Go!, Mio Records

(16) Orchestra Kool; CONVERSAR; from: Kool Heat, Fonseca 1114

(17) Johnny El Bravo; ENSALSALO; from: This is Johnny El Bravo, Velvet 1398

(18) Orquesta Flamboyan con Frank Dante; EN CARACAS (LA GENTE BAILAN SABROSA); (03:15) from: Different Directions

(19) Amadou Balake; HAYAFAM; from: Afro-Charanga, Zamidou (1981)

(20) K Frimpong and his Cuban Fiestas; KYENKYEN BI ADI M’AWU; (1976) from: S/T, reissue: Continental Records

(21) Ikebe Shakedown; THE VIKING; from: S/T, Ubiquity (2011)

(22) Aturio “Zambo” Cavero; EL ALCATRAZ (FESTEJO); from: The Rhythms of Black Peru, Street Stash 273 (2011)

(23) Traore Amadou (dit Ballake) et Les 5 Consuls; LIGDA REMBA; 7″ Disques CVD 46, Haute-Volta

(23) Zeal Onyia & His Music; IDEGBANI; from: Nigeria 70 – Sweet Times, Strut (2011)

(25) Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra; ACCELERATE; from: World of Funk, Ubiquity (2011)

(26) Rail Band; MARIBA-YASA; from: Buffet Hotel de la Gare Bamako, reissue: Superfly Records Japan (2011)

(27) Johnny Blas; BOOGALOO BLAS; from: Indestructible Spirit, Cubop (2007)


CALIENTE, June 17, reprise CALIENTE #88 … THE MORNING AFTER – April 09, 2011, 98.3, 4-6 PM CET … Selected and presented by Alexander Ach Schuh … Listen now to the show via

4-5 PM

(1) Tito Puente and His Orchestra; ESTE TUMBAO; from: Mambo With Me, Tico 1003 (1955)

(2) Machito; CARAMBOLA; from: Si-Si, No-No, Tico 1033

(3 Rolando Aguiló y sus Estrellas; PANAMÁ; from: Cuban Jam Session vol.2, Maype 193

(4) Al Escobar; JOHNNY’S SPECIAL; from: S/T, Cadence 3014

(5) Socarras and His Orchestra; MAMBO IMPROPTU; from: Cha-Cha-Chas and Mambos, Decca DL8836

(6) Randy Carlos and his Orchestra; TAKE OFF; from: More of Randy, Fiesta 1281

(7) Louie Ramirez and his Conjunto Chango; EL TITERE; from: Vibes Galaore, Alegre 845

(8) La Playa Sextet; LA PLAYA E SPECIAL; from: En Nuevo York, Discos Embajador

(9) Mongo Santamaria and his Band; THE MORNING AFTER; from: Mongo at the Village Gate, Riverside 6129

(10) Helton Menez; SAMBA COM MOLHO; from: Licao de Balanco, RGE

(11) Tito Rodiguez; YAMBU; from: Tito Rodriguez Returns to the Palladium – Live!, United Artists

(12) Rene Grand y su Combo New York; KU-KUM-BA; from: Exciting and Grand, Seeco 9292

(13) Los Mejores Musicos de Puerto Rico; PLENA 67; from. S/T arreglos y direccion de Ray Santos, Gema 3037

(14) Luis Gasca; NANCY; from: The Little Giant, Atlantic (1969)

(15) Dom Um Romao; CARAVAN; from: Hotmosphere, Pablo (1976)

(16) Moacir Santos; NANA; from: Maestro, Blue Note (1972)

(17) Baden Powell; WALZING; from: Apaxonado, MPS (1975)

(18) Nana Banana; SAMBA AZUL; from: S/T, CBS (1977)

(19) Sinto; VIDA NA TERRA; from: Sonho Negra, Amayana Records (1978) (Germany)

(20) Grupo Acaru; GAROTA DE IPANEMA; Do Samba Hot Corocket, JVC (1980)

(21) Cal Tjader; SANTO DOMINGO (Mark Levine); from: A Fuego Vivo, Picante (1982)

(22) Francisco Ulloa; MANANA POR LA MANANA; from: Merengue, Kubaney (1985)

(23) Libre; BAILALA PRONTO; from: Ritmo, Sonido, Estilo, Montuno 522 (1983)

(24) Poncho Sanchez; ALAFIA; (05:53 min) from: ¡Fuerte!, Picante 340

(25) Paulo Moura; BICHO PAPAO; from: Confusao Urbana, Subrana e Rural, Braziloid Records

(26) Grupo Proyeto de Gonzalo Rubalcaba; PERGAMIN; from: S/T, Egrem


CALIENTE #91 … EL SON ES LO MAS SUBLIME – April 30, 2011, 98.3, 4-6 PM CET … Selected and presented by Alexander Ach Schuh … Listen to the show via

4-5 PM

(1) Rafael Gayoso; CHIVO QUE ROMPE TAMBO (Moises Simons); Son from: 7″ Elube Chango et autres chants cubains, recorded January 1958

(2) Miguel Matamoros con su cuarteto maisi; CANTO A LA SOMBRA; Bolero Son from: La Musica de Miguel Matamorros, Panart 2045

(3) Septeto Nacional de Ignacio Piñeiro; SUAVECITO; Son from: El Son es lo más sublime, A.S.P.I.C.

(4) Septeto Boloña; FLORA (Alfredo Boloña); (03:07 min) recorded in NYC, October 1926, reissued on: Echale Candela, Tumbao Cuban Classics (1995)

(5) Sexteto Machin; FUEGO EN LA MAYAA (Ignacio Piñeiro); recorded in NYC 6/3/1930, reissued on: Sextetos Cubanos, Arhoolie (1992)

You can listen to Fernando Dewar, Director of the Septeto Santiaguero, where he plays the tres, the typical cuban guitar, explaining the characteristics of the Cuban Son. The Septeto played on April 28 in the Floridita in Vienna. I was very pleased to have the chance to talk with Fernando Dewar and Alden González Díaz, his tour manager, when they stopped by at the Superfly Studio. You hear parts of the talk we had about Cuban Music in general and the typical Cuban Son in particular. Rocio Murguia helped me with the interview.

(6) Septeto Santiaguero; ESA NINA, QUE CINTURA (José Luis Losada); from: Oye mi son santiaguero, Picap (2010)

(7) Nico Saquito y su Conjunto; INJUSTA DURA (Enrique Gonzalez); Son from: Los Guarcheros de Oriente, Panart 2015

(8) Arsenio Rodriguez y su Conjunto; EL HOMBRE ESTA HABLANDO BIEN (Arsenio Rodriguez); FROM: Sabroso y Caliente, Puchito 586

(9) Beny More y Lalo Montane; ENCANTADO DE LA VIDA; from: EL barbaro del rtimo, RCA

(10) Septeto Nacional de Ignacio Piñeiro; DON LENGUA; Son Montuno from: S/T, recorded 1958, WS Latino (1976)

(11) Faustino Oramas “El Guayabero”; COMO BAILA MARIETA; Son (07:36 min) from: El Son es lo más sublime, A.S.P.I.C.

(12) Tito Puente; SON MONTUNO; from: Tambó, RCA (1960)

(13) Chi Huahua; COSQUILLA; son from: El Ritmo Grande de Chi Hua Hua, Vol. 2, Fonseca 1113

(14) Mongo Santamaria; EL BRAVO; Son Montuno from: El Brava!, Columbia

5-6 PM

(15) Roberto Torres; GUICHISNAVE???; from: El Castigador, Mericana (1973)

(16) Louie Ramirez; TOCOLORO (A. Rodriguez); from: Tipico, West Side Latino (1974)

(17) Tipica 73; LA CANDELA (Juan Formell); Songo from: S/T, Inca Records (1975)

(18) Conjunto Universal; APRIETA SUAVECITO; from: Dando Candela ..!, Velvet

(19) Orchestra Harlow; SUELTALA (A. Rodriguez); from: Live in Quad, Fania 472 (1974)

(20) Armando Sanchez y su conjunto Son De La Loma; Y YO GANGA (Rudy Calzado); from: Así empezó la cosa, Montuno

(21) Nico Saquito with El Duo Cubano; AL VAIVÉN DE MI CARRETA; Guajira, from: Good-by Mr. Cat, Egrem (1982) World Circuit (1982)

(22) Conjunto Tipico Cubano; DOLCE HABANERA; son Guaguanco from: Son of Corazón (1989)

(23) Sierra Maestra; CHANGO TO’VENI; from: ¡Dundunbanza!, World Circuit (1994)

(24) Los Naranjos; RESPETA MI TAMBÓ (Pablo Justiz); from: Respeta Mi Tambó, Ahí-Namá (1997)

(25) Conjunto Casino; DUDAS QUE TE QUIERO; (03:44 min) Bolero form: Montuno en Neptuno #960 (1999)

(24) Los Naranjos; TU NO LO CREAS (Pablo Justiz); from: Respeta Mi Tambó, Ahí-Namá (1997)


CALIENTE #87 … RUMBANBAN – April 02, 2011, 98.3, 4-6 PM CET … Selected and presented by Alexander Ach Schuh … von den Eskapaden des Augenblicks, der Woche, des Jahrhundertes gespeiste Flucht- und Tanzbewegungen erweitern Samstag für Samstag unsere Aufnahmekompetenz … willkommen an den Stromschnellen von CALIENTE Listen now to the show via

4-5 PM

(1) John Buddy Williams; LAST NIGHT THE LANDLORD NEARLY KILLED ME; from: Le Jazz Primitif, Cook Records

(2) Guy du Rosier and his Orchestra Riviera Hotel d’Haiti; PAMELA; from: Haitian Rhythms, Decca 8602

(3) Bola Sete y su conjunto; COCO BATURITE; from: Carnival in Rio, Puchito

(4) Tito Rodriguez and his Orchestra; CHEN CHER EN GUMA; from: Mambo Madness, Tico 1004 (1955)

(5) La Playa Sextet; COCO SECCO; from: Care to Cha Cha Cha!, Mardi Gras (1956)

(6) Monchito; MERENGUE GLIDE; from: Merengues with the orchestras of Monchito, Randy Carlos, Argueso, Fiesta 1284

(7) Walfredo de Los Reyes y su orquesta; LECHE CON RON; from: Cuban Jazz, Rumba 55550 (1960)

(8) Tito Puente and his Orchestra; APPROLLANDO; from: Holiday in San Juan, Tourist Record Guide (1961)

(9) Maurico Smith; DOUG’S ROOM; from: Machito presents: Fluta Nova, Tico 1089 (1963)

(10) Catarina Valente with Edmundo Ros and his orchestra; MISIRLOU; (02:09 min) from: Fire & Frenzy, London (1960)

(11) Joe Quijano; YEAH, YEAH; from: Everything Latin – Yeah, Yeah, Columbia (1963)

(12) Pete Rodriguez y su conjunto; SI QUIERES BAILAR; (05:05 min) from: I Like It Like That, Alegre

(13) Tito Puente and his Orchestra; CHAN; from: 20th Anniversary, Tico 1151 (1967)

(14) Luis Varona; RESPECT; from: The moods of Miami ’68

(15) Los Albinos; BING BANG CONGA; from: Latin Party, Palette

(16) Berni Prock und seine Latin-Combo; RAN-KAN-KAN; from: Fiesta Latina, Saba 15052

(17) Dom Salvador; TIO MACRO; from: S/T, CBS (1969)

5-6 PM

(18) Lebron Brothers; LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO; from: Picadillo a la criolla, Cotique 1055 (1971)

(19) Charlie Byrd and Cal Tjader; BLACK NARCISSUS; from: Tambu, Fantasy (1974)

(20) Raul de Souza; FESTIVAL; from: Colors, Milestone (1975)

(21) Orchestra Harlow; RUMBAMBOLA; from: Rumbambola, Fania (1979)

(22) Ray Barretto; ADELANTE SIEMPRE VOY; from: Rican/Struction con Adalberto Santiago, Fania (1979)

(23) Mongo Santamaria; FELICIA; from: Images, Vaya (1980)

(24) Poncho Sanchez; CON TRES TAMBORES BATA UN QUINTO Y UN TUMBADOR; (05:26 min), from: Sonando, Picante (1983)

(25) Super All Stars; MALANGA NA MA; from: Super All Star, Camain (1984)

(26) Henri Guedon; ESE HUEVO QUIERE SAL; (05:30 min) from: Afro Temple, Le Chant du Monde (1984)

(27) The Beaujolais Band; EL MONTE; from: Talk Talk and More Talk, Acid Jazz (1993)

(28) Stone Alliance feat. Marcio Montarroyos; RISA; (04:20 min) from: S/T, PM Records (1977)

(29) Edison Machado é Samba Novo; SO POR AMOR (Baden Powell – Vinicius de Moraes); from: S/T, CBS (1964)


MAMBO CALIENTE …… NOVEMBER 6, 2010, 98.3, 4-6 PM CET … Selected and presented by Alexander Ach Schuh Listen now on

4-6 PM


(1) La gran orquesta de Bebo Valdes; CONGA ESPIRITUANA (Bebo Valdes); from: Glorias de Cuba, WS-Latino WS 4081 (1976)

(2) Lecuona Cuban Boys; BAILA LA CONGA; from: Latin Rhythms featuring Perz Prado and The Cuban Boys, 10″ Royale 18146


(3) Hector Pellot & Aces of Ritmo, canta: Mon Rivera; JUANA MARIA (De Jesus); (plena-mambo) from: Mambo, 10″ Epic 1018 (1954)


(4) Chico O’Farrall’s All-Star Cuban Band; ME LO DIJO ADELA (Otilio Portal); from: Chco’s Cha Cha Cha, reissue: Palladium PLP-103


(5) Bebo Valdes and His Havana All Stars; MAMBO CALIENTE (Bebo Valdes); from: Your Musical Holiday in Havana, Decca DL-8134


(6) Emilio Reyes and his Orchestra; MARGUERITA CHA CHA; from: An Occasional Cha Cha Cha, Mardi-Gras LP-5004


(7) Olguita with the big band of George Hernandez; ESTO ES MAMBO (Tito Rodriguez); from: ¡Latinsville!, reissue on Palladium PLP-151 (1962)


(8) Tito Puente; BABARABATIRI; from: Tito Puente in Puerto Rico, recorded live, Tico 1088 (1963)


(9) Kako y su combo, canta: Chivirico Davila; QUE RICO; from: Kako y su combo Vol. II, Alegre LPA 813 (1962)


(10) Mario Ortitz All Star Band con Emma Roger, Paquito Alvarez; MAMBO INFIERNO; from: On the road, Rico-Vox RVLP 505 (1963)


(11) Eddie Palmieri; SI HECHO PALANTE; from: Echando pa’lante (straight ahead), Tico 1113 (1964)


(12) Orchestra Kool; TIRA JALA; from: Kool heat Vol.1, Fonseca 1114 (1965)


(13) Ray Rodriguez y su orquesta; PA’CONQUISTAR; (Robert Rodriguez); from: Ray Rodriguez y su orquesta, Cotique 1058


(14) Joe Quijano; NO ME DEJES (Miguel Angel Amadeo); from: Joe Quijano Swings …, Cesta CE-2000


(15) Mongo Santamaria; HAPPY NOW (M. Santamaria); (03:06 min) from: Mongo Soul, Riverside RS-3045

5-6 PM


(16) La Lupe; CON UN NUEVO AMOR (Lupe Yoli); (02:57 min) from: I’m free again, Tico 1306 (1972)


(17) Tito Puente & his Orchestra; WATA WASURI; from: Tito Unlimited, Tico 1322 (1974) produced by Joe Cain


(18) Cal Tjader; PHILLY MAMBO; (07:00 min) from: Funky Quarters, Fantasy 9409 (1970)


(19) Azuquita y su orquesta Melao; COCO DE MARIA; from: Pura Salsa, Vaya (1975)


(20) Dizzy Gillespie y Machito y su Orquesta, dirijidos por Chico O’Farrill; (part of) ORO, INCIENCO Y MIRRA (Arturo O’Farrill); from: Afro-Cuban Jazz Moods, Pablo Records (1976)


(21) Conjunto Universal; MARIA; (03:27 min) from: Tremendo Disco, Velvet 1487 (1974)


(22) El Gran Combo; DUGU-DUGU CON SAUS; from: 23 Aniversario, Disfrutelo hasta el cabo!, EGC 005 (1974)


(23) Libre; EL JIBARITO (Raphael Hernandez); from: Los Lideres De La Salsa, Salsoul SAL 4122 (1978)

(24) Fruko y sus Tesos, canta: Joe Arroyo: NA’MA PA’ QUERERTE (Sergio Rivero); 7″ Fuentes (1980)


(25) Lebron Brothers; I BELIEVE (José Lebrón); from: El Boso, Ear Records (1988)


(26) Ray Mantilla Space Sation; PAISAJE (Vivian Ara); (05:19 min) ,from: Synergy, Red Records VPA-198 (1986)


(27) Pochno Sanchez; NIGHT WALK (Steve Huffsteter); (04:27 min) from: El Conguero, Concord Records CJP-286 (1985)