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broadcasted 2013, September 29
9 shows, aired from Oct 2012 – Oct 2013 every fourth Sunday 9-11 PM (CET)
on Superfly 98.3 (Vienna 98.3 FM) and worldwide stream, 120 minutes

In memory of Steve Berrios (February 24, 1945 – July 25, 2013)

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“Famed Afro-Caribbean Drummer Steve Berrios Passes” MODERN DRUMMER – JULY 29, 2013, The article presents an interview with Steve Berrios by Ken Ross, dated in 1994 “Steve Berrios: New York City Rhythmatist”

“Steve Berrios, Master of Latin Jazz and Drums, Dies at 68” by Paul Vitello – The New York Times, JULY 27

“‘A Walking Encyclopedia Of Rhythms’: Remembering Steve Berrios” by Felix Contreras – http://www.npr.org/blogs/ablogsupreme/ – JULY 29, 2013

“Drummer and Percussionist Steve Berrios, Who Fused Rhythmic Worlds, Dies” by Larry Blumfeld, Blue Notes, JULY 27

Steve-Berrios_by_Andrea_Zapata-Girau:Courtesy-of Jerry-Gonzalez

Steve Berrios performs with the Fort Apache Band in New York City earlier in 2013.
Photo: Andrea Zapata-Girau/Courtesy of Jerry Gonzalez

We are going to play some essential latin jazz propelled by the amazing drum work of Steve Berrios …


(1) Steve Berrios and son Bachéche; BRUSHIN’ IT (Steve Berrios); (00:51) album: First World, Milestone (1995) – Steve Barrios (snare drums)


(2) Jerry Gonzalez and the Fort Apache Band; ALONG COME BETTY (Benny Golson); (05:40) album: The Music of Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers, Random Chance Records (2005) — Jerry Gonzalez (trumpet, flugelhorn, congas, percussion), Joe Ford (alto saxophone), Larry Willis (piano), Andy Gonzalez (bass), Steve Barrios (drums and percussion)


(3) Monguito Santamaria; MAMBO NEW; album: Hey Sister, Fania (1969)

(4) Mongo Santamaria; CLOUD NINE (Whitfield – Strong); album: Stone Soul, Columbia (1969) — Ramon “Mongo” Santamaria (congas, bongos), Sonny Fortune (alto saxophone), Bernhard Purdie (drums), Hadley Caliman, Hubert Laws (tenor saxophones), Art Kaplan (bariton saxophone), Louis Gasca (trumpet), Rodgers Grant (piano), Steve Berrios (timbales), Julito Collazo, Osualdo Martinez (percussion)

(5) Jerry Gonzalez and the Fort Apache Band; EVIDENCE (Thelonous Monk); (11:01) album: Obatalà, recorded live at the International Jazz Festival Zürich on November 6, 1988, Enja (1988) — Jerry Gonzalez (trumpet, fluegelhorn, congas), John Strubblefield (tenor saxophone), Papo Vazquez (trombone), Larry Willis (piano), Edgardo Miranda (guitar), Andy Gonzalez (bass), Steve Berrios (drums, bata, chekere), Milton Cardona (bata, chekere), Hector “Flaco” Hernandez (bata, chekere, conga), Nicky Marrero (timbales, percussion)

(6) Steve Berrios and son Bachéche; EL NIÑO REY (Caixto Callava); (06:54) album: First World, Milestone (1995) — Eddie Bobè (lead vocal, coro), Elisabeth Monder, Steve Barrios (coro); bata drum section: Julito Collazo (iya), Eddie Bobè (onkonkolo), Steve Barrios (itotele); Papo Vazquez (solo and ensemble trombones), Edgardo Miranda (tres), John Benitez (electric bass), Steve Barrios (tumbadora, guagua, clave, shekere, atchere, tres golpe)


(7) Mongo Santamaria; O MI SHANGO (Mongo Santamaria); (04:20) album: Sofrito, Vaya Records (1976) — Mongo Santamaria (congas), Steve Barrios (traps, timbales, bata drum & percussion), Greg “Peachy” Jarmon (bongos, cowbell, conga & percussion), Mike “Coco” DiMartino (trumpet), Al Williams (tenor sax, soprano & alto flutes), Roger Rosenberg (soprano, alto & Baritone sax), Armen Donelian (electric & acoustic piano, synthesizer), William Allen (bass guitar), Julito Collazo (bata drum), Angel “Cachete” Maldonado (bata drum)


(8) Emmanuel Abdul-Rahim feat. The Times at Hand Orchestra with special guest Steve Berrios; CYCLES (Emmanuel Abdul-Rahim); (04:49) album: Harlem, Olufsen Records (1988) — The Times At Hand Orchestra: Emmanuel Abdul-Rahim (contas, drums, timbales, bata), Jacob Andersen (congas, bongos, cow-bell, quiro), Steve Barrios (drums, bata, congas, timbales, cow-bel, quiro), Abdul-Khaliq Hassan (bass), Hasse Emil Poulsen (electric guitar), Hugo Rasmussen (bass), Christian Sievert (guitar), Karsten Sorensen (piano), Jamil Westergaard (shekeree)


(9) Hilton Ruiz; BLUES FOR “COS” (Hilton Ruiz); (05:49) album: Hands on Percussion, RMM Records (1995) — Hilton Ruiz (piano), Dave Valentin (flute), Charlie Sepulveda (trumpet), Papo Vasquez (trombone), Giovanni Hidalgo, (congas), Andy Gonzalez (drums), Steve Berrios (timbales), Jose D’Leon (tenor saxophone), Peter Brainin (flute)


(10) Azuquita y su orquesta melao; COCO DE MARÍA; (05:06) album: Pura Salsa, Vaya Records (1975) — Azuquita (lead vocals), Mauricio Smith (musical director, bariton sax, flute), Guillermo Edgehill (bass), Rodgers Grant (fender rhodes electric piano), Joe Beck (lead guitar), Kako (congas, bongos), Steve Barrios (timbales & drums), Ray Armando (congas, bongos, percussion), Danny Cahn (trumpet), Jack Hitchcock (trombone), VictorVelasquez (coro, percussion), Jimmy Sabater, (coro), Bobby Marin (coro, percussion)

(11) Steve Berrios and son Bachéche; SON BACHÉCHE; (05:07) And Then Some!, Milestone (1996) — Wayne Wallace (trombones), Steve Berrios (percussion, coro), Elisabeth Monder (coro)

(12) Ray Mantilla & Space Station feat. special guest Bobby Watson; DARK POWERS (Ray Mantilla); (06:50) album: Dark Powers, Red Record (1989) — Ray Mantilla (percussion), Bobby Watson (alto sax), Dick Oatts (soprano, tenor sax), Eddie Martinez (piano), Ruben Rodriguez (bass), Steve Berrios (drums, percussion)

(13) Steve Berrios and Son Bachéche; BEMSHA SWING (Steve Berrios); (02:25) album: And Then Some!, Milestone (1996) Joe Ford (soprano saxophone), Steve Berrios (timpani, drums)

(14) Jerry Gonzalez and th Fort Apache Band; THELINGUS (Joe Ford); (06:47) album: Crossroads, Milestones (1994)

(15) Steve Berrios and son Bachéche; MAFRANBINGO (Joe Ford); (06:26) album: First World, Milestone (1995) — Joe Ford (alto saxophone), Eddie Henderson (flugelhorn), Peter Brainin (tenor and soprano saxophones), Larry Willis (piano), George Mraz (bass), Steve Barrios (drums)


(16) Ray Mantilla; MARIA CERVANTES (N. Morales); (05:57) album: Good Vibrations, Savant Records (2006) — Ray Mantilla (percussion, leader), Enrique Fenrandez (baritone saxophone & flute), Mike Freeman (vibes), Cucho Martinez (bass), Bill Elder (drums), special guest: Steve Barrios (percussion)

(17) Jerry Gonzalez & The Ford Apache Band; EL TORO (Wayne Shorter); (05:42) album: Moliendo Cafe, Alfa Records (1992) — Jerry Gonzalez (trumpet, flugelhorn, congas, percussion), Carter Jefferson (tenor saxophone), Joe Ford (alto & soprano saxophones, flute), Larry Willis (piano), Andy Gonzalez (bass), Steve Barrios (drums and percussion)

(18) Steve Berrios and son Bachéche; ONCE I LOVED (Jobim – Gilbert – Demoraes); (05:53) album: First World, Fantasy (1995) — Freddy Cole (lead vocal), Larry Willis (piano), Grover Washington Jr. (soprano saxophone), Edgardo Miranda (acoustic guitar), George Mraz (bass), Steve Barrios (drums, Brazilian percussion)

(19) Jerry Gonzalez & The Ford Apache Band; DANCE CADAVEROUS (Wayne Shorter); (05:14) album: Pensativo, Milestone (1995) — Jerry Gonzalez (trumpet, flugelhorn, congas), John Stubblefield (tenor saxophone), Joe Ford (alto & soprano saxophone), Larry Willis (piano), Andy Gonzalez (bass), Steve Barrios (drums and percussion)

(20) Steve Berrios and Son Bachéche; LERI EYO (Jullio Collazo); (03:12) album: And Then Some!, Milestone (1996) — Julio Collazo (lead vocal), Steve Berrios (percussion, coro), Elisabeth Monder (coro)




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(1) Noro Morales and his Orchestra; ISTANBUL (NOT CONSTANTINOPLE) (Nat Simon – Jimmy Kennedy); 7″ RCA Victor EPA549 (1954)

(2) Ray Barretto; SWING LA MODERNA; (04:09) album: Guajira y Guaguanco, Tico (1964)

(3) Willie Hutch; SLICK (Willie Hutch); (03:35) album: The Mack (Original Soundtrack From the Motion Picture), Motown (1973)


(4) Monguito Santamaria; MARTINEZ; album: En Unsa Nota!, Inca (1974)

(5) The True Refelction; WHISPER; (05:00) album: That’s Where I’m Coming From, Atlantic (1973)


(6) Tata Vasquez; ORGULLO Y VANIDAD (Tommy Sanchez); (07:04) album: Number One, La China Records (1979)


(7) John Santos Sextet; THE SENS OF NOW; (06:50) album: Filosofia Caribeña (2011)

(8) Impressions; LOVING POWER (C. Jackson – M. Yancy); album: Loving Power, Curtom (1976)

(9) Tempo 70; EL GALLETON (Bebu Silvetti); (03:07) album: El Primer LP, Mericana (1972)


(10) El Combo Sudamericano; MOZAMBIQUE; 7″ SONO RADIO (Peru)


(11) Frank Hernandez y su gran orquesta; MAMBO INFIERNO (René Hernandez); album: Ritmo!, Dejavue Records


(12) Roberto Juan Rodriguez; GUAHIRA; (06:48) album: El Danzon De Moises, Tzadik (2005)


(13) Andy Bey; I KNOW THIS LOVE CAN’T BE WRONG (Bill Fischer – Pat Evans); (04:58) album: Experience and Judgment, Atlantic (1974)

(14) Ray Mantilla Space Station; DARK POWERS (Ray Mantilla ); (04:34) album: Dark Powers, Red Records (1989)

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CALIENTE #119 … December 31, 2011, 98.3 superfly.fm, 4-6 PM CET

4-6 PM

(1) Moacir Santos; COISA No 6; (04:02) album: Ouro Negro, Universal (2001)

(2) Giovanni Hidalgo; VILLA HIDALGO; (06:11) album: Villa Hidalgo, Messidor (1992)

(3) Luis Bonilla Latin Jazz All Stars; CARAVAN; (05:07) album: Pasos Gigantes, Candid (1991)

(4) Ed Jones and Familia; SOPHISTICATED LADY; (06:05) album: Olé L.A., Discovery DSCD-961 (1989)

(5) Mandrake Som; MULHER RENDEIRA; album: O …, Amigo, EMI Italia (1977)

(6) Ray Mantilla; NAMESAKE; (04:58) album: Good Vibrations, Savant Records (2006)

(7) Nils Fischer & Timbazo feat. Brian Lynch, Alain Pérez, José Pepe Espinosa; YE NO TENGO AMIGOS; (06:13) album: ¡Gracias Joe Cuba! (2007)

(8) Luis Santi feat. Carlos “Patato” Valdés; EL DE LA RUMBA SOY YO; album: Nelson “Flaco” Padron, Musica Original de Cuba, Empire (2006)

(9) Robin Jones Latin Sextet feat. Snowboy & Bosco de Oliveira; MANTECA; (10:42) album: Mojito, Quinto Music (2006)

(10) Milagors Piñera & Sanmera; PALO PA RUMBA; (07:06) albu: Leche Condensada, Jive Music Austria (2005)

5-6 PM

(11) La Excelencia; LA ECONOMICA; album: Echos de Barrio (2012)

(12) 8 Y Mas; DICES QUE TU BAILAS; album: Que Mas (2011)

(13) Bryan Vargas & !Ya Está!; UNITED; (03:33) album: Afro Latino Soul, Mofongo Music (2004)

(14) John Santos & The Machete Ensemble; LA JUVENTUD; album: 20th Anniversary, Machete Records (2005)

(15) Wayne Wallace; ART OF THE DANCE; (06:28) album: Three In One, Spirit Nectar (2000)

(16) Eliel Lazo; AFRICA; (04:49) album: El Conguero, Stunt Records (2010)

(17) Cabo Cuba Jazz; PORTON DI NOS ILHA; (05:53) album: Rikeza y Valor, Timbazo (2011)

(18) Paolo Moura & Os Batutas; COCHICHANDO; (03:03) album: Pixinguinha, Blue Jackel (1998)

(19) Dave Liebman; BESAME MUCHO; (06:15) album: Besame Mucho and Other Latin Jazz Standards, Red Records (1994)

(20) José Rizo’s Mongorama; BACOSO; (05:39) album: S/T, Saungú Records (2011)

(21) Franciso Aquabella; GUAJIRA CANDELA; album: Ochimini, Cubop/Ubiquity


MAMBO CALIENTE …… NOVEMBER 6, 2010, 98.3 superfly.fm, 4-6 PM CET … Selected and presented by Alexander Ach Schuh Listen now on play.fm

4-6 PM


(1) La gran orquesta de Bebo Valdes; CONGA ESPIRITUANA (Bebo Valdes); from: Glorias de Cuba, WS-Latino WS 4081 (1976)

(2) Lecuona Cuban Boys; BAILA LA CONGA; from: Latin Rhythms featuring Perz Prado and The Cuban Boys, 10″ Royale 18146


(3) Hector Pellot & Aces of Ritmo, canta: Mon Rivera; JUANA MARIA (De Jesus); (plena-mambo) from: Mambo, 10″ Epic 1018 (1954)


(4) Chico O’Farrall’s All-Star Cuban Band; ME LO DIJO ADELA (Otilio Portal); from: Chco’s Cha Cha Cha, reissue: Palladium PLP-103


(5) Bebo Valdes and His Havana All Stars; MAMBO CALIENTE (Bebo Valdes); from: Your Musical Holiday in Havana, Decca DL-8134


(6) Emilio Reyes and his Orchestra; MARGUERITA CHA CHA; from: An Occasional Cha Cha Cha, Mardi-Gras LP-5004


(7) Olguita with the big band of George Hernandez; ESTO ES MAMBO (Tito Rodriguez); from: ¡Latinsville!, reissue on Palladium PLP-151 (1962)


(8) Tito Puente; BABARABATIRI; from: Tito Puente in Puerto Rico, recorded live, Tico 1088 (1963)


(9) Kako y su combo, canta: Chivirico Davila; QUE RICO; from: Kako y su combo Vol. II, Alegre LPA 813 (1962)


(10) Mario Ortitz All Star Band con Emma Roger, Paquito Alvarez; MAMBO INFIERNO; from: On the road, Rico-Vox RVLP 505 (1963)


(11) Eddie Palmieri; SI HECHO PALANTE; from: Echando pa’lante (straight ahead), Tico 1113 (1964)


(12) Orchestra Kool; TIRA JALA; from: Kool heat Vol.1, Fonseca 1114 (1965)


(13) Ray Rodriguez y su orquesta; PA’CONQUISTAR; (Robert Rodriguez); from: Ray Rodriguez y su orquesta, Cotique 1058


(14) Joe Quijano; NO ME DEJES (Miguel Angel Amadeo); from: Joe Quijano Swings …, Cesta CE-2000


(15) Mongo Santamaria; HAPPY NOW (M. Santamaria); (03:06 min) from: Mongo Soul, Riverside RS-3045

5-6 PM


(16) La Lupe; CON UN NUEVO AMOR (Lupe Yoli); (02:57 min) from: I’m free again, Tico 1306 (1972)


(17) Tito Puente & his Orchestra; WATA WASURI; from: Tito Unlimited, Tico 1322 (1974) produced by Joe Cain


(18) Cal Tjader; PHILLY MAMBO; (07:00 min) from: Funky Quarters, Fantasy 9409 (1970)


(19) Azuquita y su orquesta Melao; COCO DE MARIA; from: Pura Salsa, Vaya (1975)


(20) Dizzy Gillespie y Machito y su Orquesta, dirijidos por Chico O’Farrill; (part of) ORO, INCIENCO Y MIRRA (Arturo O’Farrill); from: Afro-Cuban Jazz Moods, Pablo Records (1976)


(21) Conjunto Universal; MARIA; (03:27 min) from: Tremendo Disco, Velvet 1487 (1974)


(22) El Gran Combo; DUGU-DUGU CON SAUS; from: 23 Aniversario, Disfrutelo hasta el cabo!, EGC 005 (1974)


(23) Libre; EL JIBARITO (Raphael Hernandez); from: Los Lideres De La Salsa, Salsoul SAL 4122 (1978)

(24) Fruko y sus Tesos, canta: Joe Arroyo: NA’MA PA’ QUERERTE (Sergio Rivero); 7″ Fuentes (1980)


(25) Lebron Brothers; I BELIEVE (José Lebrón); from: El Boso, Ear Records (1988)


(26) Ray Mantilla Space Sation; PAISAJE (Vivian Ara); (05:19 min) ,from: Synergy, Red Records VPA-198 (1986)


(27) Pochno Sanchez; NIGHT WALK (Steve Huffsteter); (04:27 min) from: El Conguero, Concord Records CJP-286 (1985)