ALEXANDER ACH SCHUH’S SUNDAY AFTERNOON : with Freddie Hubbard, Dave Grusin, Gregory Porgy, SalSoul Ortchestra, Patti Labelle, Louis Ramirez, Trussel, Harmony Cats, King Errisson, Eddie Harris : ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, SUNDAY, MARCH 21, 2010, ORGANGE 94.0, 2-3 PM CET Listen now on

(1) Freddie Hubbard; SKAGLY; (14:32 min) from: Skagly,CBS 8424 (1980)

(2) Dave Grusin; CONDOR! (THEME FROM “3 DAYS OF THE CONDOR”); (03:33 min) from: “3 Days Of The Condor”

(3) Charme; GEORGY PORGY (David Paich); (05:58) from: Let It In, RCA

(4) SalSoul Orchestra; SALSOUL HUSTLE (Vincent Montana Jr.); (08:06 min) (rec. 1975)

(5) Patti Labelle; TEACH ME TONIGHT’ (ME GUSTA TU BAILE); (1978)

(6) Louis Ramirez; DO IT ANWAY YOU WANNA;

(7) Trussel; LOVE INJECTION; (1979)

(8) Harmony Cats; CATS THEME (KON EDIT);

(9) King Errisson; WELL, HAVE A NICE DAY (Dennis Coffey & Cleveland Home); (06:40 min) from: L.A. Bound, Westbound (1977)

(19) Eddie Harris; BUMPIN; from: I Need Some Money , Atlantic (1975)