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FROM BOSSA NOVA TO OTRA MUNDO – APRIL 3, 2010, 98.3, 4-6 PM CET … Selected and presented by Alexander Ach Schuh Listen now on


(1) Emil Richards; SUNNY (B. Hebb); arranged by Tom Scott, from: New Time Element, Uni Stereo 3003


(2) Julio Sosa; TAQUITO MILITAR; from: Dicen Que Dicen, RCA


(3) The Sergio Mendes Trio pus the voice of Wanda de Sah; BERIMBAU; from: In The Brazilian Bag!, Tower T-5052


(4) Os Sax Sambistas Brasaleiros; SE ACASO VOCÈ CHEGASSE; (02:12 min) from: Sax Sambando, Plaza PZ22003


(5) Tito Rodriguez and his Orchestra; UN PATO O PATO (J. Silva); (02:11 min) from: Let’s Do The Bossa Nova, United Artists UAL 3262


(6) Grupo Latino; LA PALMA DEL COCO; Cumbión from: La Espumita Del Rio, London LLU-14438


(7) Chorolo y Los Andariegos; SI LA VIERAN (Paseito Pachango); from: Rimos Bailables con Luis Kalaff, Chorolo y los Andariegos, Tropical TRLP-4525


(8) Ricardo Ray and Orchestra canta: Bobby Cruz; EL MONTUNO DE HOY; (04:15 min) from: 3 Dimensions, Fonseca, reissue: Andale! (2008)


(9) Chollo Rivera & Latin Soul Drivers; PEGA PEGA; (03:49 min) from: By Chollo, Cotique 1037


(10) Paulo Alencar & Brazilian All-Stars; VERBO AMAR (bossa nova by Martins); (02:04 min) 7″ Atco 45-6253


(11) The Latin All Stars; RING A DING; Boogaloo Cha (02:40 min); from: Latin Jam Boree, Roper Records RRLPS1021


(12) Joe Loco; PUERTO RICO ’68 (CAMEL HOP) (J. Loco); from: Puerto Rico ’68, Sunset SUS-5219


(13) Na Onda Do Bugaloo – The Boogaloo Combo; SOM BUGALOO (Miguel Cidars, Freddy Baylon); 7″ Epic 22034 (Brazil) (1970)


(14) A. Gomez Montilla; LA RAMBLA (A. Gomez Montilla); from: Cuatro Exitos de A. Gomez Montilla, 7″ Luytom Discos Madrid


(15) Tata Vazquez y su Cucumay; LLEGASTE TARDE; Mericana MYS 120 (1973)


(16) Raul Marrero; EL TOCA TOCA; Mardi Gras CM 5102 (1974)


(17) Jonny Ventura; EL DIA QUE TE FUISTES, Discolor 4375 (1976)


(18) Louie Colon y su Tripulacion; MA’ SALSA QUE PESCA’O; from: El Almirante, UA Latino 011-D (1973)


(19) Cuco Valoy y sus virtuosos; JUKIANA;


(20) Chino y su Conjunto Melao; QUEDASTE RETRATA; from: 100% Bailable; TR Records TR122 (1989)


(21) Orquesta Conexion Latina; UN POCO LOCO (Bud Powell); (07:25 m) from: Un Poco Loco, Enja 5023 (1986)


(22) Mongo Santamaria & His Latin-Jazz Orchestra; ESPIRITU LIBRE (Eddie J. Allen); (06:10 min) from: Free Spirit, Tropical budda Records TBLP-002 (1984)


(23) Ray Barretto; MAMBOTANGO (Charlos Franzetti); (05:57 min) from: La Cuna, CTI Records 9002 (1981)


(24) Sheila E. – Pete Escovedeo – Tito Puente; BRASILIERO (R. Obiedo); (07:29 min) from: Latina Familia, Polygram/Verve (1989)


(25) Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra featuring Mayra Vega; CHE CHE COLÉ (W. Colon); daptone records DAP-12001-A


This record is a significant crossing. Firstly, it is significant as a tribute to the legendary singer Hector Lavoe who first made Willie Colon’s “Che Che Cole” a dance hit for Fania Records in 1969. It is a crossing of generations –a venture by a young group of musicians into the undying sound of those who came before them in a long seamless tradition of music.

Stylistically, of course, it is also a crossing into the Latin genre for the Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, a group steeped in the Afrobeat traditions of Nigerian legend Fela Kuti.

It is lastly a crossing in that it is the first collaboration in name between Antibalas and Daptone Records, two families of the same clan. As it is widely known, there is a strong family of musicians in Brooklyn who have been on the cutting edge of the Soul, Funk, and Afrobeat movement for the past few years. Though the lines between the groups often blur and confound, the ties between them strengthen and the result is a hot spot of raw musical inertia giving birth to an unequaled output of soulful music.

As Daptone´s first venture into Latin and Afrobeat (as well as their first 12″ release), “Che Che Cole” promises to be a milestone in the progress of modern Soul Music. The A side is an innovative culmination of classic late sixties Afro-Cuban dance and tight razor´s edge afrobeat syncopation. However, the featured vocal by Mayra Vega is the shining jewel that elevates the whole recording to the major league of dancefloor classics. The B side is a makossa version of the same, a la Manu Dibango, complete with rubbery wah-wah and locomotive hi-hat driven makossa beat. Either side is as appropriate for the living room record afficionados as it is for the DJ who is ready to reach a new climax in a room full of sweaty party goers.

” Vamos todos a bailar al estilo africano si no lo sabes bailar yo te enseñaré mi hermano …”
-Hector Lavoe



Karl Boutros Boutros Bruckschwaiger ist zu Gast und bringt:


(26) Amadou Balake; FANTA; from: Burkinabe dance music of the 70s

Und Alexander Ach Schuh muss noch eine Sache spielen, die er aus Montreal/Quebec/Canada mitgebracht hat …


(27) Lundo/Chango Family; OTRA MUNDO; 7″ Afro-Kats (2005)

Karl meint darauf …


(28) Camayenne Sofa; KOGNOUMALONBALI; from: La Percee, Syliphone


(29) The Talents of Benin led by Idemudia Cole; EWAKPE THE GREAT; Awoko Records JLS1128


(30) De La Lune & l’Orchestre OK Jazz; LINDA-LINDA; African