CRUISIN ON THE LATIN SOUL DRIVE … MAY 15, 2010, 98.3, 4-6 PM CET … Selected and presented by Alexander Ach Schuh Listen now on

4-5 PM


(1) Aimé Barelli and his Orchestra; OHE, OHE, MAMBO (Bonifay-Migiani); from: Mamborama, 10″ Vox VX600 (1953)


(2) Eddie Warner; CARAVAN (Ellington); from: 100% Mambo, 10″ Odeon OS1107 (1956)


(3) Lenny Hambro; MAMBO BARBARITA (); from: Lenny Hambro feat. Eddie Bert, Savoy MG-15031

The altoist Lanny Hambro played in Gene Krupa’s most leaping band, had been long a mainstay of Machito’s orchestra; on trombone Eddie Bert; on piano the nucleus of the Machito wailing bunch: Rene Hernandez together with Joe Mangual on bongos, Ramon “Mongo” Santamaria on conga, Ubaldo Nieto, timbales, and Louis Barreto, bass; recorded NYC, April 13, 1954


(4) Caney Rumba Band, canta: Polito (?); OYE EL CARBONERO (Ivan Fenández); son pregón recorded in the late 30s, from: Rumba Rhapsody, 10″ Decca DL5072 (1949)

The Pregón is a street cry. Of these, Cuba has a rich variety. The peanut vendor, the tamale vendor, the confectioner, the herb man, the mango vendor, every vendor has his own cry or song. Some Pregóns have been adapted to the rhythms of the Rumba, the Son, and the Danzón. El mondonguero is the triple-seller; el carbonero is the coal man.


(5) Choco + Chimi; CONGA; recorded in Mexio in winter 1954, from: Drums of The Caribbean, 10″ Audio Fidelity AFLP902


(6) Fon-Fon y su música de Brasil, vocalista: Horacina Correa; ZUMBA; form: Fan-Fan y su música de Brasil, 10″ Decca LF1072


(7) Pupi Campo Orchestra; SONAREMOS EL TAMBÓ (Horacio de Lastra); (03:07 min) from: Mambos, Seeco Tropical Series STLP-1 (1948-51)


(8) Hector Pellot & his Aces of Ritmo, canta: Mon Rivera, Timbale solo: Moncho Leña; MONCHO TIMBALERO (Rivera); rhumba-mambo, from: Mambo – Johnny Conquet and Hector Pellot, 10″ Epic LG1018 (late 50s)


(9) Arsenio Rodriguez y Su Conjunto; EL HOMENAJE ESTA HABLANDO BIEN (Arsenio Rodriguez); from: Sabroso Y Caliente, Puchito MLP586 (1957)


(10) Chappotin y su Conjunto cantan Miguelito Cuni y Rene Alvarez; YO SI COMO CANDELA (); guaracha montuno from: Sabor Tropical, Antilla SP107


(11) Luis Griñan y su Orquesta; COMO LLORAN (L. Griñan); son montuno from “Quimbombo”, Kristal KS1190

(12) Richie Ray vocal: Bobby Cruz; EL CONDE; guaguancó 7″ Fonseca 154-A


(13) Luis Varona; THE MORE I SEE YOU; from: The way you like him … with spice!, Kubaney 326 (1967)


(14) Willie Rodriguez Orchestra with Leo Casino; DIG IT (); from: Heatwave, Fonseca 1117

Recorded in 1965 during one of the hottest summers on record. Out of the heat wave, Mr. Willie Rodriguez and his orchestra emerged with tunes too caliente to touch with bare hands. Containing descargas, boogaloos and primordial salsa … reissue on: Andale LP 5905


(15) Hector Rivera & the Latin Renaissance canta Esteban Diaz; COROZO (); from: 4Points


(16) Johnny Rivera & The Tequila Brass; THE CLOWN (J. Rivera)); from: Up, Up and Away, Cotique 1024

5-6 PM

(17) Willie Bobo; HURT SO BAD (Randazzo-Hart-Weinstein); (02:35 min) 7″ Verve Celebrity Scene CS4-5


(18) The Bennito Sextet Plus One; MY SHERRY (Benjamin “Bennito” Padilla); from: The Bennito Sextet Plus One, Mardi Gras 5037


(19) El Combo Sudamericano; DIGGA DIGGA DOO (Mc Hugh); descarga 7″ Sono Radio 12413-B


(20) Pedro Midguel y sus Maracaibos; PIRHAÑA (Randy Carlos); guaracha 7″ Odeon 10239A


(21) Bobby Quesada con salsa y sabor; A MI ME ACEPTEN (Hugo González); Fania


(22) Ray Pérez y sus Kenyas; COMO BAGK (Estelio B. Cabuja); from: Ra! Ra!, Velvet 62079


(23) Eddie Palmieri & his Orchestra; CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM (Alfredo Armenteros-Eddie Palmieri); (06:12 min) from: Superpostiton, Tico 1194 (1970)


(24) Orchestra Harlow; ARSENIO (L. Harlow); (05:55 min) from: Live In Quad, Fania 472 (1974)


(25) Meñique; GUÁNICA Y CÁUCO (Meñique); (05:15 min) from: Soy hijo de chango, Cotique 1077 (1974)


(26) Creación 75; CHEVERE; (04:28 min) from: Quien Es Quien, Velvet LPV-1489 (1974)

(27) Arturo Campa & his CharanSoul Orchestra; LA CHINA; (05:22 min) from: CharaSoul, Libra ALIS2001 (1977)


(28) Mongo Santamaria & Justo Betancourt; MANANA (M. Santamaria); from: Ubane, Vaya (1976)


(29) Johnny Ventura; LA BACHATA; from: Solo para Bailadores, Discolor Records 4365 (1976)


(30) Kako & Azuquita; MI BOMBA (Francisco Bastar-Calros Santos); (05:00 min) from: Union Dynamica, Alegre6 6003 (1976)