MAMBOLITIS, MAZAMORRA & CHIQUICHACA …… SEPTEMBER 4, 2010, 98.3, 4-6 PM CET … Selected and presented by Alexander Ach Schuh Listen now on

Dieses Leben ist eine Sackgasse. CALIENTE entschleunigt basisdemokratisch, damit wir nicht so schnell an der Wand picken: Die gesellschaftlich attraktivste Bremse gegen das große und kleine “Voran! Voran!” ist das Tanzen. Alexander Ach Schuh bringt in zwei Stunden siebzig Jahre Latin-Soul …

(0) Yusa; CANDAO CERRAO; from: Gilles Peterson presents Havana Cultura (2009)

4-5 PM


(1) Ramon Marquez and his Orchestra; MAMBOLITIS (R. Marquez); from: A Dance Date In Mamboland, 10″ Fiesta FLP 33001


(2) Benny Bennett’s Orchestra; PORQUE NEGRO SOY (Ajrelli – Kenn); from: Mambol andia Vol.1 Benny Bennett’s Orchestra (Recorded in France), 10″ SMC Pro-Arte (SPANISH MUSIC CENTER) SMC-539


(3) Ralph Font and his Orchestra; LA BODEGA DEL NATO (Font); from: Gesänge und Tänze aus Lateinamerika, BIEM


(4) Rene Touzet and his Orchestra; AGUA PA MI (Servia); from: Mambos and Cha-Chas, 10″ MGM Records E264


(5) Tito Puente and his Orchestra, vocal refrain by Vicentico Valdés; ¿DONDE ESTABAS TU? (Ernesto Duarte Brito); from: Mambo On Broadway, 10″ RCA LPM3164


(6) The Bop-A-Loos; CUBAN CARNIVAL (); from: Pops In Mambo, 10″ Mercury MG25212 (1955)


(7) Eddie Warner et sa musique tropicale; EL SUBY (Perez Prado); 10″ Odeon OS1084

(8) Orquesta Rey Diaz Calvet; MULATA LINDA; from: Goza Mi Son Monutno, Panart LP-2051

(9) Beny Moré y la Banda Gigante; BARBARO DEL RITMO (B. Moré – R. de Paz); from: Gran Serie Beny Moré Sonero Mayor


(10) Les Chakachas; MA-MA-DU (Calzado); from: Grand Prix 1959 Acaemie Charles Cros, categorie “danse”, 10″ RCA 130.259S

(11) Conjunto La Pachanga De Cuba; HUMO (Renato Carlos W.); from: Cubita La Bella, CoRo Discos CLP-810


(12) Joe Cuba and his Orchestra; JOE CUBA’S MAMBO; from: I Tried To Dance All Night, Mardi Gras LP-5017


(13) Machito and his Afro-Cubans; PARA LAS NENAS (Rene Hernandez); from: The New Sound Of Machito, Tico 1084 (1962)


(14) Ben sa tumba et son orchestre; COCO SECO (Luis Reyes); 10″ Barclay 82170


(15) Willie Bobo; FELICIDAD; from: Juicy, Verve V6-8685


(16) Lupo es Fantastico; BOOGALOOPO (); from: Lupe El Fantastico, Cotique 1028

(17) Manny Burgos and his Orchestra; EL BOCHINCHERO (Jose Toledo Jr.); from: AQUI ESTOY YO!, Alegre SLP 8680


(18) Ricardo Ray Y Bobby Cruz; 3 AND 1 MOZAMBIQUE (R. Ray – B. Cruz); from: Jala Jala Y Boogaloo, Alegre (1967)

5-6 PM


(19) Roberto Roena y su Apollo Sound III; TE VAS A ACORDAR DE MI (Benjamin Muniz); Fania 413 (1971)

(20) Jimmy Sabater; PARA GOZAR BELEN (A. Rodriguez); from: Recordando A Arsenio, Tico1231


(21) Orquesta Inernational, vocals: Tito Rojas; MIMA LA PULULERA (Ivan Ortiz); from: Mima La Pululera, Mavi Records (1974)


(22) Andreas Landero y su conjunto; CUMBIA EN LA INDIA; from: A Orillas Del Magdalena, Coastal Cumbias From Colombia’s Discos Fuentes, Donmino Sound 024


(23) Los Kenya, canta: Carlos Rodriguez; OPUS “120” (R. Perez); from: Ray Perez Siempre Afro-Latino, PyraPhon 3353


(24) Sonora Lucho Macedo; MACEDO’S BOOGALOO; from: Atardecer Tropical, Virrey/Fuentes


(25) Grupo Los Caneyes; OYE OYEA; 7″ Areito EPA-6335, reisue on compilation: Revolucion! Original Cuban Funk Grooves 1967-1978, compiled by Tom Wieland (7 Samurai, PanOptikum), Freestyle (2009)

liner notes: “An early outfit of trombone player Juan Pablo Torres. In 1971 the band launched the popular CHIQUICHACA RHYTHM. From the mid sixties until the early seventies Cuban music had a lot of short-lived fashion dance styles, e.g. the pa’ca, the mozambique, the pilon, the pachanga, ghe guachipupa or the chiquichaka. Background for this wave of short-lived styles and one hit wonders was the economic and cultural isolation of Cuba: music composers were simply searching for new ways to express themselves in an isolated music market whose futere was insecure. Usually these experimental new rhythm styles were bound to their respective author … in this particular case to Juan Pablo Torres who later did a whole album dedicated to the chiquichaka rhythm under the name of LOS CHIQUICHAKA that only was released as Palma issue (the Egrem esport lable in the sixties) in Uruguay.”


(26) Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou; NOU DE MA DO VO; from: “The Vodoun Effect” 1972-1975) Funk & Sato from Benin’s Obscure Lables, Analog Africa AALP064 (2009)


(27) Manu Dibango; TOM TOM (Manu Dibango); from: Makossa Man, recorded 1975, Disque Festival reissue (1983)


(28) Grupo Afro Cuba Havanna; MAZAMORRA (Jose Carlos Acosta); Egrem (1979), Pläne (1980)


(29) Latin Jazz Ensemble; AFRO MOOD (Eddie Martinez – Sal Cuevas); from: Just Like Magic, Latin Percussion Ventures (1979)

(30) CTI Allstars, vocals Flora Purim; WAMBA (Salif Keita); from: Rhythmstick, produced by Creed Tayler, CTI Records (1990)

(Marvin Smith (drums), Anthony Jackson (bass), John Scofield (guitar), Airto (perc.), Tito Puente (perc.), Phil Woods (alto sax), Bob Berg (tenor sax), Jim Beard (synthesizer), Art Farmer (trumpet), Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet), Jon Faddis (trumpet), Randy Brecker (trumpet)

(31) Mulatu Astatke with the Either/Orchestra; GREEN AFRICA (M. Astatke); from: Mulatu Steps Ahead, Strut 056 (2010)