CALIENTE #87 … RUMBANBAN – April 02, 2011, 98.3, 4-6 PM CET … Selected and presented by Alexander Ach Schuh … von den Eskapaden des Augenblicks, der Woche, des Jahrhundertes gespeiste Flucht- und Tanzbewegungen erweitern Samstag für Samstag unsere Aufnahmekompetenz … willkommen an den Stromschnellen von CALIENTE Listen now to the show via

4-5 PM

(1) John Buddy Williams; LAST NIGHT THE LANDLORD NEARLY KILLED ME; from: Le Jazz Primitif, Cook Records

(2) Guy du Rosier and his Orchestra Riviera Hotel d’Haiti; PAMELA; from: Haitian Rhythms, Decca 8602

(3) Bola Sete y su conjunto; COCO BATURITE; from: Carnival in Rio, Puchito

(4) Tito Rodriguez and his Orchestra; CHEN CHER EN GUMA; from: Mambo Madness, Tico 1004 (1955)

(5) La Playa Sextet; COCO SECCO; from: Care to Cha Cha Cha!, Mardi Gras (1956)

(6) Monchito; MERENGUE GLIDE; from: Merengues with the orchestras of Monchito, Randy Carlos, Argueso, Fiesta 1284

(7) Walfredo de Los Reyes y su orquesta; LECHE CON RON; from: Cuban Jazz, Rumba 55550 (1960)

(8) Tito Puente and his Orchestra; APPROLLANDO; from: Holiday in San Juan, Tourist Record Guide (1961)

(9) Maurico Smith; DOUG’S ROOM; from: Machito presents: Fluta Nova, Tico 1089 (1963)

(10) Catarina Valente with Edmundo Ros and his orchestra; MISIRLOU; (02:09 min) from: Fire & Frenzy, London (1960)

(11) Joe Quijano; YEAH, YEAH; from: Everything Latin – Yeah, Yeah, Columbia (1963)

(12) Pete Rodriguez y su conjunto; SI QUIERES BAILAR; (05:05 min) from: I Like It Like That, Alegre

(13) Tito Puente and his Orchestra; CHAN; from: 20th Anniversary, Tico 1151 (1967)

(14) Luis Varona; RESPECT; from: The moods of Miami ’68

(15) Los Albinos; BING BANG CONGA; from: Latin Party, Palette

(16) Berni Prock und seine Latin-Combo; RAN-KAN-KAN; from: Fiesta Latina, Saba 15052

(17) Dom Salvador; TIO MACRO; from: S/T, CBS (1969)

5-6 PM

(18) Lebron Brothers; LA VUELTA DEL MUNDO; from: Picadillo a la criolla, Cotique 1055 (1971)

(19) Charlie Byrd and Cal Tjader; BLACK NARCISSUS; from: Tambu, Fantasy (1974)

(20) Raul de Souza; FESTIVAL; from: Colors, Milestone (1975)

(21) Orchestra Harlow; RUMBAMBOLA; from: Rumbambola, Fania (1979)

(22) Ray Barretto; ADELANTE SIEMPRE VOY; from: Rican/Struction con Adalberto Santiago, Fania (1979)

(23) Mongo Santamaria; FELICIA; from: Images, Vaya (1980)

(24) Poncho Sanchez; CON TRES TAMBORES BATA UN QUINTO Y UN TUMBADOR; (05:26 min), from: Sonando, Picante (1983)

(25) Super All Stars; MALANGA NA MA; from: Super All Star, Camain (1984)

(26) Henri Guedon; ESE HUEVO QUIERE SAL; (05:30 min) from: Afro Temple, Le Chant du Monde (1984)

(27) The Beaujolais Band; EL MONTE; from: Talk Talk and More Talk, Acid Jazz (1993)

(28) Stone Alliance feat. Marcio Montarroyos; RISA; (04:20 min) from: S/T, PM Records (1977)

(29) Edison Machado é Samba Novo; SO POR AMOR (Baden Powell – Vinicius de Moraes); from: S/T, CBS (1964)