CALIENTE #93 … JUMBO JUMPY TOSCA PACHANGA … May 14, 2011, 98.3, 4-6 PM CET … Selected and presented by Alexander Ach Schuh Listen to the show via

4-5 PM

(1) Kenny Graham’s Afro Cubists; SAGA BOY; 01:55 min) from: The Caibbean Suite (recorded 1953), reissue: Esquire 329 (1987)

(2) Jack Costanzo and His Orchestra; YUKON MAMBO; from: Afro Cuban Jazz North-Of-The-Border, Norgan Records N-32

(3) Machito and His Afro-Cuban Orchestra; MAMBO INN; from: Mambo Holiday, Columbia

(4) Tito Puente; SWINGING MAMBO; from: Puente in Percussion, Tico 1011 (1956)

(5) Mongo Santamaria y sus ritmo afro-cubanos; MACUNSERE (Aquabella); from: Yambu, Fantasy 3267

(6) Rene Touzet and His Orchestra; MAMBO GUAGUANCO; from: The Charm of Cha-Cha-Cha, GNP

(7) Orquesta Riverside; QUERO COMPERENDERTE; from: Cha-Hua-Hua, Puchito 541

(8) Oscar Calle and his Cuban Boys; ESA CHINA; from: Oscar Del Cha-Cha-Cha, Disques Pop

(9) Cesar Concepcion y su orquesta, canta: Harry Figueroa; RECTA FINAL; Ansonia 1304

(10) Charles Fox and his Charanga; TOSCA PACHANGA; from: Just For Fun, Gema 1183

(11) Dizzy Gillespie; JAMBO (D. Gillespie); from: Jambo Caribe, Limelight (1964)

(12) Mulatu Astatke and His Ethiopian Quintet; ALMAZ; (02:50 min) from: Afro-Latin Soul, Worthy Records (1966)

(13) Johnny Colon & Orchestra; JUMPY; (05:44 min) from: Boogaloo Blues, Cotique 1004

(14) Willie Colon; EL MALO; from: El Malo, Fania 337 (1967)

(15) Orlando Marin; PALO MONTE; from: Out Of My Mind, Brunswick

(16) Harlem River Drive; HARLEM RIVER DRIVE (THEME SONG); from: S/T, Roulette (1970)

5-6 PM

(17) Jimmy Sabater; EL ALBANIL (); from: El hijo de Teresa, Tico 1211 (1970)

(18) Joe Bataan; FIN; from: Salsoul, Mericana (1973)

(19) Emanuel K. Rahim and the Kahliqs (Juan Amalbert’s Latin Jazz Quintet); DORIAN; from: Total Submission, Cobblestone (1972), reissue on Muse Records (1980)

(20) Los Satélites de Cheche Mendoza; OLE LO LAY A COLOMBIA (Mauricio Conde); from: Siempre en órbita, Discomoda DCM-779

(21) El Gran Combo; EL JOLGORIO (WEPA-WEPA); from: S/T, EGC 012 (1975)

(22) Ismael Rivera y sus cachimbos; MI MUSICA; from: De todas maneras rosas, Tico 1415 (1977)

(23) Mongo Santamaria; NAKED (William Allen); (03:31 min) from: Live At Yankee Stadium, Vaya (1974)

(24) K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas; HWEHWE MU NA YI WO MPENA; (07:58 min) from: S/T, OFO Bros LP 1012, Ghana, 1977, reissue: Continental Recors (2011)

(25) Orqesta Hnos Aviles; CON LOCA PASION; from: S/T, Areito

(26) Stone Alliance; PARA LOS PAPINOS; from: Heads Up, PM Records (1980)

(27) Nicos Jaritz Unidad; CUBA SI; from: Para los compañeros, Kovarik’s Musikothek (1985) (Austria)

(28) Tangavan Latin Band; DEUS XANGO (Piazolla/Johns); from: S/T, RPM Music (1988), AustriaJUMBO-JUMPY-TOSCA-PACHANGA

(29) Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers; SLIPPIN’ INTO DARKNESS; (06:20 min) from: Rip A Dip, Fantasy (1995)