The Roots of Nu Jazz  | Part 1 | Welcome to a journey through a wide spectrum of styles, from soul/jazz, modal and funk to African, Latin and even soul and disco sounds. Enjoy Haitian cadences, glamorous Californian jazz and disco and a afrobeat highlight. All tracks originally issued between 1973 and 1987. First broadcasted in my radio show ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, Sunday, June 7, 2015 on ORANGE 94.0

The Roots of Nu Jazz

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(1) La Perfecta; TROP CONFIANCE (Georges Palin); (05:03) album: Club Perfecta, La Perfecta 37003, Martinique


(2) Blackbyrds; REGGINS (Larry Mizell); (04:03) album: Blackbyrds, Fantasy (1974)


(3) Dianne Reeves; MI VIDA (Dianne Reeves); (04:02) album: Welcome to My Love, Palo Alto Jazz Records PA 8926 (1982)

la mont johnson 1972 mainstream-back

(4) LaMont Johnson; M’BAASA (LaMont Johnson); (07:18) album: Sun, Moon and Stars Mainstream MRL 328 (1972)


(5) Super Boiro Band; SO I SI SA; (05:57 album: En super forme, Guinea, reissued on: Guinée 70, Syllart, Discograph (2010)



(6) Wendell Harrison & Phillip Ranelin; WHAT WE NEED; (03:58) album: A Message From The Tribe, Tribe Records 3, recorded 1974 (1973)


(7) Funk Inc.; THE BETTER HALF (Parker); (06:35) album: Chicken Lickin’, Prestige 10043, German issue Bellaphon PR 10043 (1972)


(8) Ocho Rios; OUR MEDITERRANEAN HEART (IvanVladilo); (07:49) album: ¡Ocho Rios!, Jugoton ULP-2319, arranged by Vlado Batista, recorded at Metro Studio, Ljubljana (1987)


(9) Ozone; DO WHAT CHA WANNA (Ozone); (06:10) album: Send It, Motown M8-962 M1, produced by Ozne, Bobby Brooks & Allen McGrier (1981)


(10) La Consagracion; CAMINA ASI (Victor Rodriguez); (03:46) 7inch Salsa S 519-A. A division of Mary Lou Records. Produced by Larry Harlow.


(11) Rickie Boger; SLOW DOWN BABY; (04:18) album: Slow Down, Baby, Muse Records, produced by Howard Johnson and Ed Korwin, arranged by Howard Johnson (1976)