JAZZ IS DISCO MUSIC – Vienna Autumn With Two Moons

Glamorous music for a Sunday afternoon. Sometimes a list is the best summary. Enjoy contemporary jazz highlights from the following records: Ballads For Melancholy Robots (Kompost3, 2014), Conversa (Maria Joao Quintet, 1986), Wire Resistance (Philipp Nykrin, 2015), Light’n Up, Please! (David Liebman, 1977), It is Finished (Nina Simone, 1971), Everything is Permitted (Mario Rom’s Interzone, 2015), It is. But it’s not! (Peter Lenz Silent Flow, 2012), Paper Clips (Laura Winkler & Wabi-Sabi Orchestra, 2014)

ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, Sunday, November 1, 2015 on ORANGE 94.0


(1) Kompost3; Brane Freeze (Manuel Mayr); (04:40) album: Ballads For Melancholy Robots, Laub Records (2015)


(2) Maria Joao Quintet; CLOSED SYSTEM; (07:19) album: Conversa, Nabel (1986)


(3) Philipp Nykrin; Vienna Autumn (Philipp Nykrin); (07:22) ablum: Wire Resistance, Listen Closely (2015)


(4) David Liebman; TRANQUILLITY OF THE PROTECTIVE AURA; (05:53) album: Light’n Up, Please!, Horizon (1977)


(5) Nina Simone; FUNKIER THAN A MOSQUITO’S TWEETER (05:02); album: It is Finished, RCA APL1-0241 (1971)


(6) Mario Rom’s Interzone; Shooting Wild Bill Edwards; (05:01) album: Everything Is Permitted, Laub Records (2015)


(7) Peter Lenz Silent Flow; Jetlag (Peter Lenz); (07:08) album: It Is, But It’s Not, Unit Records  UTR 4361 (2012)


(8) Laura Winkler & Wabi-Sabi Orchestra; Dance III (Laura Winkler); (04:50) album: Paper Clips, Traumton Records 4602 (2014)

(9) Kompost3; Whatever Happened In Roswell (Lukas König, Martin Eberle, Manuel Mayr & Benjamin Omerzell); (06:45) album: Ballads For Melancholy Robots, Laub Records (2015)

(10) Mario Rom’s Interzone; Jazz Is Disco Music; (03:58) album: Everything Is Permitted, Laub Records (2015)

(11) Laura Winkler & Wabi-Sabi Orchestra; Two Moons (Laura Winkler); (08:47) alum: Paper Clips, Traumton Records 4602 (2014)