Ach’s Sunday Suit | Alexander Ach Schuhs Sonntagsanzug

Hope you can join us celebrating this Sunday afternoon with a eclectic jazz + tropical mix of fresh and vintage upbeat styles. Opening with Hailu Mergia and his brand new manic sensation of urban-ethiopian music delivered in his upcoming album „Lala Belu“ produced  by „Awesome Tapes From Africa“ (Release date March 9, 2018). Followed by a another jazzy afrobeat scoop from the Austrian band Shake Stew written by the Shake Stew leader and bass player Lukas Kranzelbinder (Album release „Rise And Rise“ April 6, 2018). The stirring up of tropical rhythms and references continues with the outstanding Descarga elegance by Los Propios Bateros, enchanted Mexican landscapes in the wide angle by La Mecanica Popular, both 7-inches issued by the NYC label Names You Can Trust. But there is no Ach Schuh Mix without really rare treasures, latin rare groove deluxe such as Colombian cumbias by Antolin y su Combo Orense (1960s), and driving caribbean columbian beats from Barranquilla by Emila Herrera (1980s), Peruvian descargas by Aniceto y sus Fabulosos and Coco Lagos y sus Orates (1970s). More gems appear in this wonderfully swelling stream, such as Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen’s early jazz funk masterpiece “109 Psychosomatic” (1970) and dr. Nicos insanely friendly Hawaian Mambo (early 1960s).

ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, Sunday, March 4, 2018 on ORANGE 94.0, 14:00-14:57 CET live stream


(1) Hailu Mergia; GUM GUM (06:48); album: Lala Belu, Awesome Tapes From Africa. Releases March 9, 2018. Visit http://hailumergia.bandcamp.com (2018)


(2) Shake Stew; DANCING IN THE CAGE OF A SOUL (Lukas Kranzelbinder) (06:10); album: Rise And Rise Again, Traumton Musikverlag. Releases April 6, 2018. Visit http://shakestew.bandcamp.com (www.shakestew.com) (2018)


(3) Los Propios Bateros; BATAZO BATERO (Pedro Ojeda) (04:59); 7″ Names You Can Trust NYCT-7034-A (2017)


(4) La Mecánica Popular; NOCHE TRILER (R. Temperton) (03:59); 7″ Names You Can Trust NYCT-7023-A (2015)

(5) Antolin Y Su Combo Orense; NEGRO CUMBION (Carmen Bedoya “Canosa”) (02:32); album: Chunga Guapachosa, Zeida LDZ-2094

(6) Hailu Mergia; ANCHIHOYE LENEA (07:06); album: Lala Belu, Awesome Tapes From Africa. Releases March 9, 2018. Visit http://hailumergia.bandcamp.com (2018)


(7) Emilia Herrera; MAMBA (Emilia Herrera) (02:53); Victoria Discos 6922-B (1985)


(8) Aniceto y sus fabulosos; DESCARGA FABULOSA (Aniceto Salazar) (02:25); 7″ Ramirez 005.1


(9) Bitori; MUNANA (04:19); album: Legend Of Funaná (The Forbidden Music of The Cape Verde Islands) Recroded 1997; Analog Africa AALP081 (2016)


(10) Docteur Nico & Orchestre African Fiesta; MAMBO HAWAIENNE (Nico) (02:26); album: Merveilles Du Passé 1963-1965, African, distributed by Sono Disc Paris, Nicolas Kasanda wa Mikalay, popularly known as Docteur Nico, was a guitarist, composer and one of the pioneers of soukous music. He was born in Mikalayi, Kasai province in the Belgian Congo. 1939-1985


(11) The Lightmen; 109 PSYCHOSOMATIC (mono) (05:36); album: Free As You Wanna Be, Judnell ‎– JLP 1001 (1970). Re-issued by Now-Again Records NA5150LP (2017)


(12) Quitapenas; YA VERAN (D. Gomez & Quitapenas) (03:35); Names You Can Trust NYCT-7031-A (2017)


(13) Coco Lagos y sus orates; RITMO DEL CALLEJON (02:54); 7″ Decibel 372


(14) Tavito Vasquez; LA MARICUTANA (03:58); album: Saxo-Merengues Instrumentales, Quisqueya Records ‎LPQ-012


(15) Cheick Hamala Diabaté; SIGI DIYA (Cheick Hamala Diabaté) (04:41); Electric Cowbell Rec EC013-B    (2011)