Ach’s Sunday Suit | Alexander Ach Schuhs Sonntagsanzug
Cabo Verde Disco Boogie, Funaná, Coladeira, Morna

Lately some compilations have been released that introduce psychedelic and rare highlights of music from the Central Atlantic archipelago. And indeed, Analog Africa (Space Echo – The Mystery Behind The Cosmic Sound Of Cabo Verde Finally Revealed!) and Ostinato Records (Astro-Atlantic Hypnotica From The Cape Verde Islands 1973-1988) have done a great job. My selection refers to the same time. 13 fantastic tracks from my personal favorites Mendes & Mendes, Chovino Dos Santos and Dany Carvalho among others are featured. They take you off to cosmic sounds well-kept in the soul of Cape Verdean music.
My personal CABO VERDE SHOW is opened by the truly rare track SODADE, TEM PENA D’MIM form Grupo Serenata. Hope you enjoy this vinyl experience of 1970s and 1980s music of Cabo Verde.

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(1) Grupo Serenata; SODADE, TEM PENA D’MIM (06:12); album: Camin D’America, TACV LP535 (1987)


(2) Mendes Mendes et O’Asah; DONNA KINGELA (Gérard Mendes) (05:55); album: Donna Kinjela, Labalme SE-306 (1987)


(3) Pedrinho; NHOS BAXA NHOS PANHA (03:07); album: Aleluia, La Do Si Discos 790128 (1978)


(4) Dany Carvalho; PON NA MÓ (Dany Carvalho) (04:53); album: Bem Gosin, D.N. 002. Arranged by Paulino Vieira. (1985)


(5) Mendes & Mendes; SABE MA NHA CRIOLA (03:43); album: Grito Di Bo Fidje – Irmão, Black Power Records 17281


(6) Jovino Dos Santos; VIVA P.A.I. (Jovino Dos Santos) (03:16); 7″ Monte Cara DMC-111-03 A

(7) Dany Carvalho; BEM GOSIN (Dany Carvalho) (05:18); album: Bem Gosin, D.N. 002. Arranged by Paulino Vieira. (1985)

(8) Jovino Dos Santos; NOS VIDA (Jovino Dos Santos) (03:51); 7″ Monte Cara DMC-111-03 B

(9) Pedrinho ; ZE MARIA (03:00); album: Aleluia, La Do Si Discos 790128 (1978)
(10) Mendes Mendes et O’Asah; MPR (Gérard Mendes) (04:18); ablum: Donna Kinjela, Labalme SE-306 (1987)

jovino-dos-santos_cabo-verde-nha-terra_1980_ jovino-dos-santos_compilation_1984_afro-latino-disco_cabo-verde-nha-terra_

(11) Jovino Dos Santos; AFRICA MAMAE (Jovino Dos Santos) (04:09); album: Cabo verde nha terra, JDS 1001 (France 1980), reissued on 1984 by Metro-Som (Portugal)


(12) Pedro Cardoso; MARIA ROSA (Pedro Cardoso) (04:16); album: Pedrin Di Nova, Casa Nova U-1009 (1983)

(13) Dany Carvalho; MARIA (Dany Carvalho) (06:03); ; album: Bem Gosin, D.N. 002. Arranged by Paulino Vieira. (1985)