Expect long avenues in twilight with 80s jazz. Mr. Ach is out for a walk as a young man.

That’s what October sounds like when it feels like November. All tracks were released between 1980 and 1989, some of them I discovered in the 80s. So this mix is my first 80s compilation and could be titled “Mr. Ach is going for a walk as a young man”. Deep jazz with a hat in a way, only that I did not wear a hat then.

ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, Sunday, November 4, 2018 on ORANGE 94.0, 14:00-14:57 CET live stream



(1) Kip Hanrahan; UNOBTAINABLE DAYS (Kip Hanrahan) (03:22); album: Days And Night Of Blue Luck Inverted, American Clavé 1012 (1987).

(2) Chico Freeman; ILLAS (Chico Freeman) (11:45); album: The Search, India Navigation IN 1059 (1983). Chico Freeman (flute), Cecil McBee (bass), Jay Hoggard (vibraphone, marimba), Kenny Barron (piano), Nana Vasconcelos (berimbau, percussions), Billy Hart (drums), Val Eley (vocals).

(3) Bob Stewart; HAMBONE (Bob Stewart) (06:42); album: First Line, JMT Productions 880 014 (1988). Bob Stewart (tuba), Stanton Davis (trumpet), Steve Turre (trumbone, haitian-shell), Kelvyn Bell (electric guitar), Idris Muhammad (drums).

(4) Rip, Rig + Panic   FIRE (EYES JOYFUL SILENT TEARS) (02:52); album: I Am Cold, Virgin Records 302162-420 (1982).

(5) Maria Joao Quintet; TAKE FIVE (Paul Desmond – Iola Brubeck) (09:19); album: Cem Caminhos, Nabel NBL 8522 (1985). Maria Joao (voice), Carlos Martins (sax), Mario Laginha (piano), David Gausden (bass), Carlos Vieir (drums).

(6) Ralph Moor Quintet; SONG FOR SOWETO (Ralph Moor) (08:58); album: Rejuvenate!, Criss Cross Jazz 1035 (1989). Ralph Moor (tenor sax), Steve Turre (trombone, conch shells) Mulgrew Miller (piano), Peter Washington (bass), Marvin “Smitty” Smith (drums).

(7) John StubbleflieldEAST SIDE – WEST SIDE (John Stubbleflield) (10:26); album: Bushman Song, Enja 5012 (1986).
John Stubblefield (soprano, tenor sax), Geri Allen (piano, Yamaha DX-7), Charente Moffatt (electric & acoustic bass), Victor Lews (drums, percussion), Mino Cinélu (percussion, vocal).

(8) Jerry Gonzalez; NEFERTITTI (Wayne Shorter) (08:21); album: Ya Yo Me Curé, American Clavé 1001 (1980). Jerry Gonzalez (trumpet, flugelhorn), Frankie Rodriguez (bata, checkere), Hilton Ruiz (piano), Andy Gonzalez (bass), Carlos Mestre (checkere, tumbador), Gene golden (bata, tresgolpe, checkere), Edgardo Miranda (quartro, electric guitar), Vincente Geroge (guiro, perc.), Steve Torre (trombone, conch shells), Maro Rivera (tenor sax), Papo Vazquez (trombone), Nicky Marrero (timbales).