Spirtiual jazz & soul with an arabic and afro-caribbean touch.

Welcome to an hour in which, as through a telescope, we see the starlight of distant galaxies leaning against each other. And everything is music.

Selected tracks by Simin Tander, Yacine Boularès, Cassandra Wilson, Mark Weinstein, Kenny Barron, Sheree Brown, Eddie Palmieri, Charles Tolliver, Kat-Tèt and the Vikings Guadeloupe.

ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, Sunday, December 16, 2018 on ORANGE 94.0, 14:00-14:57 CET live stream

(1) Kenny Barron; SUNDAY MORNING (Kenny Barron) (08:40); album: Innocence, Wolf Records(1978). Kenny Barron (keybords), Jimmy Owens (trumpet), Brian Brake (drums), Billy Hart (percussion), Gary King (electric bass)

(2) Sheree Brown; IT’S A PLEASURE (03:57); album: Straight Ahead, Capitol‎  ST-12153 (1981)

(3) Ajoyo feat. Yacine Boularès; HOUB OUNA (Yacine Boularès) (06:14); album: Ajoyo, Rodedope RAD-264. Vocals: Sarah Elizabeth Charles (2014)

(4) Eddie Palmieri; LOCKED IN (07:06); album: Sabiduría, Fatbeats Records  RAD-3472017 (2017)

(5) Charles Tolliver; LIL’S PARADISE (Charles Tolliver) (07:03); album: Paper Man (Rec. 1968); Arista Rec 1002 (1968). Charles Tolliver (trumpet), Garry Bartz (alto sax), Herbie Hancock (piano), Ron Carter (bass), Joe Chambers (drums)

(6) Simin Tander; WAGMA  (05:19); album: Wagma (2011). Cord Heineking (contrabass),  Nillesen (drums), Jeroen van Vliet (piano, electronics), Simin Tander (vocals).

(7) Vikings Guadeloupe; KA NOU PÉ FÉ (06:52); album: Vikings Guadeloupe, 3A Prod. 3A121 (1977), re-issued on Kouté-Jazz, Heavenly Sweetness 134VL (2015)

(8) Cassandra Wilson; NEVER BROKEN (Wayne Shorter/Cassandra Wilson) (05:14); ablum: Traveling Miles, Blue Note (1999)

(9) Kat-Tèt; NIKITA (04:30); album: Woman (1980). Re-issued on Kouté-Jazz, Heavenly Sweetness 134VL (2015)

(10) Mark Weinstein; MEIR’S NIGUN (04:09); album: In Jerusalem, Zoho Music (2015). ark Weinstein (concert, alto and bass flutes), Steve Peskoff (guitar),  Gilad Abro (bass), Haim Peskoff (drums), Gilad Dobrecky (percussion).