Book design for ‘Critical Care: Architecture and Urbanism for a Broken Planet’

It’s time to break up with modern architecture and its tabula rasa attitude. I am very proud to present a book design for an exciting project of the Architekturzentrum Wien (AzW) published by MIT Press.

In ‘Critical Care: Architecture and Urbanism for a Broken Planet,’ editors Angelika Fitz, Elke Krasny, and the Architekturzentrum Wien (AzW), look at how architecture and urbanism can help to care for and repair a broken planet. And there will also be an exhibition on this topic at the AzW: “Critical Care. Architecture for a Broken Planet” – opening on April 25th

MIT Press | ISBN: 9780262536837 | 300 pp. | April 2019

„Today, architecture and urbanism are capital-centric, speculation-driven and investment-dominated. Many cannot afford housing. Austerity measures have taken a disastrous toll on public infra­structure. Extreme weather events render the planet vulnerable, even uninhabitable. This book offers an alternative vision for architecture and urbanism that focuses on caring for the broken planet. Rooted in a radical care perspective anchored by the planetary environmental crisis, this edited collection of essays and illustrated case studies documents ideas and practices from an extraordinarily diverse group of contributors.

Focusing on economy, ecology and labor, the book offers twenty-one case studies including a village reconstruction in China; irrigation in Spain; a community land trust in Puerto Rico; the revitalization of modernist public housing in France; new alliances in informal settlements in Nairobi; and a turn to traditional building techniques in flood-prone areas in Pakistan. Essays consider such topics as ethical architecture, land policy, creative ecologies, diverse economies, caring communities and the exploitation of labor. These case studies and essays provide evidence that architecture and urbanism seek to contribute to making the planet livable again.“