The Sieve & The Sand, Cosmic Jazz Funk & Tropical Space Disco

Space Disco, Jazz Funk, Afro-Colombian Criolla, Cosmic Cumbia, Cinematic Voodoo, Psychodelic Salsa

New releases brought to you by Analog Africa (Germany), Heavenly Sweetness (Paris)Names You Can Trust (Brooklyn, NYC), Daptone (Brooklyn, NYC), Traumton (Berlin/Germany), Agogo Records (Hannover, Germany), Soundway (London/GB) plus one track recorded live at the Rai Radio House in Rome by the Italian Jazz Funk Collective Maistah Aphrica. On Guts’ new compilation Straight From The Decks we will find Tabanca by Os Tubarões from Capo Verde originally released in 1980.

ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, Sunday, June 02, 2019 on ORANGE 94.0, 14:00-14:57 CET live stream

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(1) Magalhães e Sua Guitarra; Xangô (03:23); album: Jambú e Os Míticos Sons Da Amazônia, Analog Africa (2019)

(2) The Mauskovic Dance Band; Tuto Bay (03:30); album: Down In The Basement EP, Soundway SNDW 12029 (2018)

(3) Maistah Aphrica; NO XE BABAH (07:48); recorded live At Hall A, Rai Radio House, Rome, 10. Mai 2018

(4) Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers; Super Cannes (05:13); album: Magic Polaroid, Agogo Records R 115VL (2018)

(5) La Sonora Roza; ALKALI (04:09); 7-Inch Hit Internacional, Names You Can Trust (2019)

(6) Ondatrópica; Bogota (05:30); album: Baile Bucanero, Soundway (2017)

(7) The Mauskovic Dance Band; Same Heads (03:33); album: The Mauskovic Dance Band, Sounday SNDWLP 130 (2019)

(8) QUITAPENAS; Como Oro (03:31); 7-inch Names You Can Trust (2018)

(9) La Mecánica Popular; Part 1 – Bienvenida (04:40); album: Roza Cruz, Names You Can Trust NYCT-LP03 (2018)         

(10) Os Tubarões; Tabanca (01:46); album: Tabanca, Os Tubarões T005 (1980). Reisued on Straight From The Decks, compiled by Guts, Analog Africa (2019)

(11) Combo Lulo; The Sieve & The Sand (Extended Mix) (4:39); Names You Can Trust (2019)

(12) Miramar; Salida (03:47); 7-Inch Daptone DP-1120-A (2019)

(13) Shake Stew; No Sleep My King? (07:17); album: Rise And Rise Again, Traumton Records 4663 (2018)