L’origine du monde

Cosmic Jazz Funk, Oriental Psychedelic Jazz, Spiritual Caribbean Jazz, Deep Afro Grooves
Ach’s Spiritual World Jazz & Funk Experience

New releases brought to you by Rocafort Records (Suisa), Budabeats (Hungary), Perfect Toy Records & Tramp Records (Germany), Agogo Records (Hannover, Germany)Music With Soul Records (Netherlands), Heavenly Sweetness (France), Domino Records (UK) plus Erick Cosaque’s track “Kominike” (1978) reissued on “Kouté-Jazz”, a superb compilation with music of the French West Indies 1975-1988 by Heavenly Sweetness of (2015).

ICH BIN EIN GANZ NORMALER TAG, Sunday, Ocotober 6, 2019 on ORANGE 94.0, 14:00-14:57 CET live stream

(1) Gökhan Sürer Quartet; Onbeşli (07:04); album: Chimera EP, Rocafort Records (2019)

(2) The Mabon Dawud Republic; Ay ay ay (06:45); 7-inch Wawa Tree / Ay ay, Budabeats (2018)

(3) Nérija; Partner Girlfriend Lover (05:15); album: Blume, Domino Records WIGLP443 (2019)

(4) Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers; Super Cannes (05:13) album: Magic Polaroid, Agogo Records R 115VL (2018)     

(5) Jerker Kluge’s Deep Jazz; Mystic Sky (08:24); album: The Meeting, Perfect.Toy Records ‎– PT040 (2012); Reissued on: Peace Chant Vol 2, Tramp Records TRLP 90552 (2016)           

(6) Gökhan Sürer Quartet; Chimera (09:01); album: Chimera EP, Rocafort Records (2019)

(7) Alex Figueira; Platanito (03:43); 7-inch Platanito / Guacuco, Music With Soul Records (2019)


(8) Guts; L’Origine du Monde (04:36); EP KENKE CORNER, Heavenly Sweetness (2019)

(9) Erick Cosaque; KOMINIKE (05:21); album: Chirey On Manniè…Ha ! Ha! Toultan Jis Jou, Yola Production C.M. 1133 (1978), re-issued on Kouté-Jazz, Heavenly Sweetness 134VL (2015)

(10) The Mabon Dawud Quintet; Abeba (04:59); on: Peace Chant – Raw, Deep and Spiritual Jazz Vol. 1, Tramp Records ‎– TRCD 9055 (2016)